It’s funny how God knows exactly where I am supposed to be and manages to get me there even when I argue and plead with Him not to. I’d come up with every excuse I could think of as to why I couldn’t go. I communicated those excuses to Carl, friends who were telling me to go, myself, and God. I told Him I couldn’t go because Carl was going to get baptized and we didn’t know when. I told Him I couldn’t go because I wasn’t sure Carl could take care of my three babies by himself. I told Him I couldn’t go because my littlest girl needed me too much and I didn’t want her to forget she needed me. I even told Him I couldn’t go because I didn’t need or want to go.


I was lying when I offered that last excuse. I did need to go, and I did want to go. I’d watched as my husband came home transformed, a new creation in Christ. This man who’d inhabited my prayers for so long. This man I’d loved since I was 18 years old. This man who didn’t know God intimately until just a month prior. He’d told me he wanted to get baptized shortly after he’d come back from his walk. Those were words I’d been praying he’d say since we walked down the aisle.


I argued and watched as God took every excuse I offered away. The date for Carl’s baptism was the Saturday before the retreat. I wouldn’t miss it after all. Carl assured me that he was perfectly capable of keeping the house in order and taking care of the kids. He told me he would remind our youngest daughter that she was Mommy’s girl, that he wouldn’t steal her from me. She would miss me and ask for me while I was gone, and he would let her cry for me because I wasn’t there. That way she would be really happy to see me when I got home Sunday night. And finally I realized I had no reason left. I gave up and surrendered to God’s will.


I’ve never been so glad I followed His lead. That weekend was pivotal in my development as a Christian and in my faith walk. I left with a higher understanding of what exactly happened on that Cross and how I could live in God’s beautiful grace everyday. I realized how many people sacrificed their time, money, and resources for a group of women they’d never met so we could experience God’s love in tangible ways.


Walk to Emmaus is life-changing, something I will never forget and always treasure. God knows what is best. He is a loving Father who puts us in the right places at the right times with the right people. The next time you question His assignments for you, listen instead of arguing. Don’t miss out on His best for you.


Sarah Kline