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Sometimes the world runs to the church and other times from it.

My husband works at a school where 90% of the kids come from low-income families so he hears a unique voice from these children. Over dinner we were discussing the recent hatred towards the church. Then Jacob said, “But there is hope. Currently there is a growing passion for Jesus and the church in low-income families.” I thought: Was it the upbeat worship? the edgy sermons? the community? But it was none of the above. They are drawn to the systems of order and structure found in the Bible and the church.

These kids come from fatherless homes. Most are raised by hardworking mothers and aging grandmothers, and often lack order in their homes. Therefore, they are attracted to the structure, tradition, and loving boundaries that God has placed on our lives. This blew me away. From my understanding, rules and traditions are the reason many of my friends have wanted nothing to do with church.

Even still, this craving of structure doesn’t exist only in low-income families. I believe our generation actually seeks it out as well.

As evidence, I look at a controversial show my generation glorifies: Game of Thrones. Though I am not encouraging people to watch it, this show based on seven ancient families has currently captivated the public. Each family, or house, has a family symbol, a crest, and rules by which their entire family lives and dies.

I must admit I too am fascinated by the rich family heritage portrayed with their symbols of a bear or a stag and mottoes which include “Hear me Roar” and “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.” Each symbol defines a family, a generation, and a country. Nowadays ,I feel like the only rich family traditions we see exist in Queen Elisabeth’s family and maybe the Kennedy’s.

But honestly we can find these symbols in Christ.

So to quench this God given desire for heritage, structure, and order my husband and I have created a Family Crest. (Dorky…maybe. Awesome…definitely.) We want our family to have a rich tradition, but not based on earthly things. Our family’s values will be in Christ.

So our motto is “The Moon Reflects The Son.” This comes from an excellent book I read called It’s Not About Me by Max Lucado. The idea is that the moon is nothing but a cold hard rock unless it reflects the light from the sun. So in our lives, we are nothing unless we reflect Jesus the Son.

That then leads to a crescent moon in our Family Crest. And the colors we chose are blue and green. Green represents growth for we want our future generations to be always growing spiritually and mentally, while blue stands for loyalty.

God placed desire for structure into our lives. He fills that void and uses that structure to bring people to him.


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Rachel Way
Rachel Way