It was getting rather chilly that evening so the two little mice, Elsa and Edgar, found a warm refuge in a sack filled with soft, fluffy garments.

They were rudely awakened the next morning as the sack was lifted off the ground and placed up high. Soon the sack began to jiggle as it moved along at a slow, bumpy pace.

The journey seemed to be very long. But no worries, Elsa and Edgar had tucked into the sack a small ear of fresh corn which kept them hydrated and nourished. Actually, it made the journey quite enjoyable.

Finally the bag was placed back onto the ground. Elsa and Edgar carefully peeked out. Assessing the situation, they discovered lots of hay in which they could easily hide; and, there were lots of places to rummage for food!

Through the night they witnessed the birth of a baby human. His mother and father named the baby, “Jesus.”

Oh my, did action ever pick up! There were boys and men with sheep who said angels had told them about the birth of the Messiah, Jesus. They were SO excited and wanted to worship Him. Then much later, three guys who were all dressed up came to see him. They must have been very rich because they gave him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Elsa and Edgar were very intrigued for they had absolutely no idea what a “Messiah” was and what that had to do with this little baby. What they did know was that this baby must be very special. They actually felt very important just to be in His presence.

Sad as it may seem, many of us, like Elsa and Edgar, may actually not really know what a “Messiah” is or why he came as a baby human called, “ Jesus.”

Our lives may be so filled with storing up corn and finding fodder that we miss the message and are fumbling in the dark rather than racing toward the light. How does that happen? Perhaps we can learn from our story.

The shepherds got it and the three guys who were all dressed up got it! How could they get it when we have possibly missed it?

Perhaps the answer lies in FOCUS and COMMITMENT. Even though the shepherds were in the middle of an important job, they set it aside for a moment to listen to the message from the angels and then responded to it.

Likewise, the “Wise Guys” heard the message; saw the star; put aside their agenda for the year; and followed the star.

All of them focused on the message of the Messiah and chose to make it a priority to discover all they could about Him. I want to be like them! I don’t want the busyness of life or the season to keep me in the dark.

I invite you to follow the star. Let’s make certain that this season in our lives is one of discovering the Messiah so that we can truly live in His light, love, and presence. The only way that can possibly happen is for us to keep our focus on Him and commit to follow and reflect Him to those around us through the power of the Holy Spirit.

PS – Join us for our Midweek Advent Services on Wednesday nights between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a great way to begin your discovery journey.