It’s Tuesday and FRIDAY is around the corner. And you better believe the countdown has already begun in my head for the day our community rallies the cause of freedom to write yet another page of miraculous history. It’s the day where average people (you and me) step into a moment of time to see God’s strong arm show up on behalf of those who cry out for help with confused voices.

Friends, when we choose traverse the soil of freedom, our lives will be enriched and the lives of those enslaved will be empowered to fight for what is their God-given inheritance. It’s a double win in God’s economy.

Together we will swing the sling toward another ugly giant named Goliath who dares defy the armies of the living God (you and me).

Think about what you just read: Don’t think for a minute the enemy doesn’t claim victory over the inhumane treatment of God’s people. He loves it. He also loves the fact the church is sobered when we hear the account of this injustice but we fail to pray against it or act against it.

So this Friday – November 3rd – everyone is invited to come do their part against this injustice that threatens to come closer and closer to the lives of our children if we sit and wish for it to go away.

There is no cost for this art show – you just show up and tell at least five friends about it. We will have art as inexpensive as $20 up to $2000+. We can’t wait to show you what these artists have created for you.

Let’s sacrifice if we have to – say no to something temporal for something eternal. These precious children are worth it. No one deserves this type of treatment. NO ONE!!

May we become a force to be reckoned with as we continue to place value on human life and dare to be different in a culture that is unraveling at the seams.

The event is going to be FUN – we will have fun food and yummy drinks, live art demonstrations, and much more!


6:30 – 8:30 pm this Friday

November 3rd in Trinity Central

7002 Canton Avenue