Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God!”

My husband and I have our vacation quickly approaching and I keep feeling God reminding me to be present for the trip. As I have been going about my daily tasks I keep hearing that still small voice pressing down on me to enjoy the time away.

I am as guilty as the next person of being on my phone or tablet more than I should, but I don’t feel as if that is what He is trying to get me to focus on. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am a planner. I am always thinking about what has to get done, where we have to go, who we have to see and on, and on and on. I think the message that God is trying to get me to realize before we leave is to enjoy the moment and not focus on what is to come, to “unplug” from myself.

The chores will still be there when we return, the work schedule will fall back in place, but for those few days we are disconnected from it all… Be Present!

I want to truly take in the destination we’ve never experienced or may never get to again. I want to sit on the beach and soak in the beauty that our God has created. I want to celebrate the marriage He has so richly blessed us with, but most importantly I want to be Be Present for God.

I hope to take this time to reconnect through prayer and listen for what He wants me to do next. As much as I like to think I am in charge He knows the plan for my life and I want to hear Him say, “Kristin, this is what you do next to glorify me.”

I hope that as we all embark on summer we take time to Be Present in all that we do. Whether we have a once in a lifetime vacation on the horizon, spending time at the local pool or just hanging out on the back porch with family and friends. Remember to Be Present and to thank God for those beautiful moments only He can provide.


Kristen Huber