I recently began the journey of heading up a big (just a bit overwhelming), yet very exciting, task. My first job was to put a team together. After much prayer, I felt it was time for the calling to begin. With shaky hands and pounding heart I began the arduous task of calling 30 people. I just knew everyone would be as excited as I was, but I was met with wrong numbers, left messages, and unenthusiastic gals who said they’d check their calendars and get back to me. At the end of four hours I had ONE ‘yes.’ I sat in my chair feeling a bit defeated, like I needed to do something, but the only thing I could really do was wait.

I told my daughter about my afternoon and she said, ‘Mom, it’s like someone dumped a bucket of cold water on your head!’ I laughed and told her that was exactly what it felt like! Could it be that God is teaching me to wait on His timing? Could it be that He knows who needs this call?

Today as we laughed and made reference to this bucket of water once again, I texted her an emoji of an umbrella. The rain is falling on it but its dry underneath. God’s been talking to me! Life will come and go. Sometimes we feel like we’re all warm and cozy underneath that umbrella with our blanky and ear muffs and other times that rain hits us right square in the face.  And more often than not, that bucket tips right when we’re feeling confident and excited, feeling like we can conquer the world. How often I forget that the Only One who conquered the world is Jesus.

A few years ago I was visiting with a friend. As we talked about the ministries we were involved in and finally just came out with the truth, we were both relieved and encouraged that we were dealing with the same thing – the more we got involved helping younger women understand marriage, the more under attack ours seemed to be. There’s that bucket of cold water. There’s that doubt that creeps in. Am I not listening, Lord? Who do I think I am? What do I have to offer? Why am I even here?! Is no one calling back because I shouldn’t be in this position of authority? Are my kids having a hard time because I’m such a bad mother? Why does she look so happy and I can’t find a smile? If only I was better at…. When does your bucket of water hit?

God’s Dear One, climb under His great big wings. That’s our umbrella. There are no accusers or doubters there, just a Father who loves you and cheers you on until the end of the race. Whatever weather or season of life we are in, we can trust the safety of His covering.

Bring it on, Mother Nature! Let’s start the next round. I’m holding firm to my Umbrella!

Stay ‘dry’ and Be Blessed!