Recently, while on a trip to Disneyland with some of my adult kids and grandkids, I discovered a new meaning for the phrase, “dial it down.”

It was really quite a humorous journey.  Papa John and Granny Betty were both on electric scooters, often joined by Keegan and Karter (6 & 8) on their laps.  The rest of us were on foot – half clearing the way and the other half following to make sure no one got lost.  It was definitely no easy feat keeping nine people corralled on a spring break weekend at Disney!  Nevertheless, we did it!

Now we come to the new meaning for “dial it down.”  You see, the electric scooters have a speed dial on them, along with the “forward” and “back up” levers.

Every time one of the grandkids would join Papa or Granny somehow, that dial would always end up on “max speed.”  Besides the flat fear of the scooters running over anyone within range, my legs had a very hard time keeping up with “max speed!”  My most common phrase throughout the weekend was, “Honey, dial it down.”

Truthfully, isn’t that the way we often feel in life?  Our tasks for the day seem to be piling up at light speed and we find ourselves wishing we could “dial it down.”

In actuality, we probably ought to do just that.  It is very hard to enjoy the abundant life God planned for us when our lives are overrun with an abundance of other things.

Perhaps this would be a good time to put it on “pause” and ask the Holy Spirit to show us areas where we might be able to re-prioritize.

For John and me, in an earlier season of our lives, it meant limiting the number of sports and extra-curricular activities to which our kids could commit.  In a later season, it was limiting our own expectations of ourselves.  Keeping up with the Joneses had absolutely no place on the list.

Although it requires constant vigilance to stay somewhat “dialed down,” the rewards are far greater.  Trust me, it feels much more like life – abundant!

I encourage you to take a fresh look at the speed of your life.  Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the things of true value and the areas where you could re-prioritize and “dial it down.”  Then, together, let’s start enjoying the quality of life Jesus paid such a high price to establish for us.

Nita Kuehn