The power of thread and ink is on!

One strand of thread, two strands of thread and about another 1000 or so and we are on our way creating a t-shirt.


one brush stroke of ink here and there a shirt moves into being a shirt on mission with a message. It invites or demands others to participate in reading the message it sends without any effort from the wearer. Let me explain demand, how many shirts have you read when you are standing in line reading everything in sight. Our eyes do it naturally. We read!!


Once again, this year’s race shirt allows us to become a human billboard for a cause!


The strength of wearing this type of shirt helps us share awareness to individuals who know nothing about R2R or human trafficking. The more we wear, the more it helps tell a story to a people in our community who have not been given the opportunity to join this cause of FREEDOM.


SAVING OUR DAUGHTERS ONE STEP AT A TIME IS NOT JUST A TAGLINE, it is a plea to every daughter, mother, grandmother and father to help us stand up for a few more girls who may think that no one cares about their plight. Everyone deserves an advocate and someone to help them dream of what may seem impossible.


Join us May 6th – you can sponsor, participate by running or walking, or volunteer. Help us do something bigger than ourselves. We are building a safe home.


Will you be wearing one on behalf of someone who cries out for freedom?

Click on the link to see how you can join this cause?