Yesterday was such a fun day.  As I went on my early morning run, I tried to find Easter eggs in the lawns that I passed.  If I met anyone out, it wasn’t a simple, “morning.”  Nope, “Happy Easter” came out of my beaming face.

Then, there is the really fun game.  “He is Risen!” one person would say and then everyone chimes back, “He is Risen indeed!”  Via text, phone call, social media and even in person we all celebrated together as Easter is truly the best day of the year.

Then there is today.

The dishes are still in the sink, the plastic grass is sewn about the house in a manner that will ensure I still find strands for months–if not year–to come and I’m pretty sure the dog just vomited in the other other room after eating a wayward Reese’s egg.

It’s Easter Monday and what’s a girl to do?


“This is the day that the Lord has made; we will be glad and rejoice in it.” Psalm 118:24

Every morning.  Every morning we would have to sing the words of Psalm 118:24.  If we were really being fancy, we would sing it in rounds.  Really, really fancy and we would add in another song–sung in rounds as well:

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say rejoice.”  Phil 4:4

Guys, I know…it’s ok if you just virtually joined me in singing.  It happens.  If you are just scratching your heads, here is some electronically produced version of children singing it.  It’s classy.  

Now, who doesn’t have a smile on their face right now?

Rejoicing is a pretty powerful tool.  Chairo (or rejoice) means to “be glad.”  It also means “to be well, thrive.”  Can you just imagine the Lord looking at each of us this morning and saying,

Yesterday you celebrated the new life I gave you.  All day long you talked about what it means to have a new life I me.  Today I want you to live that life.  Live abundantly.  Rejoice.  

Another variation of rejoice means “to lean into.”  I can see it now…lean into God.  Allow His warmth and joy to overcome you to the point where the possible dog vomit in the next room seems insignificant.  Yes, it will take a few minutes to clean up, but what is that in the grand scheme of things?  Hey, I could even rejoice as I mop it up. Fact:  now I won’t have to take the dog to the vet to clean that chocolate out of his system.  I’m just choosing to rejoice.  It’s the best way to live on this Easter Monday.

Secular science backs this up.  Neuroscientists have shown that just by saying the words, Love, Joy or Peace, the dopamine (feel good chemical) levels in our body rise.   We are hard wired to feel better when we embrace the gifts of the Lord–the Hope and Joy that comes from Him.

You aren’t being fake by choosing to rejoice even when things seem, well, less than joyful.  Instead, you are choosing to use one of God’s most powerful weapons.  You see, for where He dwells, there is room for no other.  In other words, rejoicing is like a bulldozer for negative thoughts and emotions.  It just clears them out of our heart and mind.

Just in case we are somehow missed it the first time, the Lord really wants us to get this point.  Rejoice or “chairo” appears in the Bible over 194 times.  That doesn’t include any of the other 5 variations.  Guys, that is a LOT of thriving.

It appears the troops are stirring, so it’s time to really start spreading some of this joy to others.  I think I will wake everyone else up with a song…

This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will be glad and rejoice in it.

Who is with me?  Who else is REJOICING on this Easter Monday?