I have looked forward to our summer vacation since March. I started the process of mentally packing when my husband surprised me with the trip; you read that right, mentally packing for months. I couldn’t wait to be on the beach, in the Dominican Republic, with my husband and celebrating five years of marriage.

We drove from here to Dallas the day before we were supposed to fly out. We loaded up the car, checked to make sure we had everything and said bye to our fur baby and families. We flew out without a hitch and landed in paradise. The resort we stayed at was breathtaking, the staff beyond welcoming and we were ready to hit the beach.

On the first afternoon of the trip we toured our home for the next few days. After selecting our “must stop here” restaurants we took to the beach! The second day of the trip was much like the first- wake up whenever we felt like it, eat, go to the beach, eat, go to the pool, back to the beach then back to the room to get ready for dinner. After taking in an evening show, and meeting some great couples, we decided to call it a night. Before bed I noticed that my eye was really bothering me; it felt like I had an eyelash or something irritating it. I took off my make-up, used eye drops and went to bed. I thought it had to be sand or just too much time spent in the sun that day.

We wake up the morning of our third day of vacation, our actual anniversary, and I couldn’t open my eye. It felt swollen, like that piece of sand turned into its own island and I couldn’t force it open. After a moment of panic I sat on the couch realizing I woke up with pink eye. PINK EYE, yes that is right. This vacation I had envisioned never once included pink eye on the agenda. Our last full day in the DR was spent in the tourist emergency room. After being checked out by three different doctors they all confirmed I caught what was described as an outbreak on the island.

I couldn’t believe it. I felt terrible that I had ruined this trip my husband had worked so hard to surprise me with and on top of that ruined our anniversary. Once we made it back to our room we couldn’t help ourselves and started to laugh. This was nothing like we planned but we laughed there…together.

I looked over at my husband, with my one good eye and said, “You’ll never forget our fifth anniversary.”  Needless to say we still had a fabulous vacation and memories we will cherish for a lifetime. I hope you all get the chance for a vacation this summer and remember to laugh no matter what comes your way!