Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite holiday of mine. I love getting roses from my husband or cards from my children, but today I sit quietly and open up a valentine box that stays deep in my heart.  It is the one that God has filled for 58 years. (Did I say that number out loud?!)  It’s filled with too many things to mention.  Sit with me as I reach in and remember a few.

The first ones are old and faded now, but oh how I love them –

  • From the beginning – my precious parents
  • Loving teachers
  • Getting to play Mary in the church Christmas play
  • This card from my Heavenly Father says, ‘Will you be Mine?’ I said, ‘Yes!’ – Best Valentine ever!

How did I make it through Junior High and High School?

  • God had a path in mind for me and used a college student helping with 7th grade UIL students. He told me that my eyes sparkled when I read poetry; it opened up part of me I hadn’t known before.
  • This is Susan. On a very bleak day in 7th grade, God put us alone together in the school hallway.  From that day on her friendship made school and life feel quite wonderful.
  • Here’s a Valentine with my speech teacher telling me she’d read my books one day.
  • And look at this angel wing. Somehow when the drunk driver hit me on my bicycle, I opened my eyes with only bruises.
  • This card has sound! Laughter with my siblings – there’s still nothing better!
  • I always wondered what a ‘nudge’ looked like! Here’s me going in for a summer waitressing job and seeing the most handsome guy ever standing in the corner across from me.

God left High School with me.  He kept my dreams in His hands and His eyes on my life.

  • White wedding dress, my sweet mama’s tears, commitment
  • God collected my tears as I worried over never having children. He took my tears and my worries and replaced them with four precious daughters!
  • Open these envelopes! – Money when we had none, encouragement on hard days, food on our table, a job with insurance…
  • Here’s a Polaroid! (Look at my 80’s hair!) Three babies in tow, one on the way, I turned the corner one day and ran into Gina, dear friend of my youth, forever Sister of my heart, God was in that mall.
  • He used a difficult move to bring me this Valentine – Bible Study Fellowship! He’d given me His Word, now He showed me how to read and study it, encouraged me to teach others.

When I lost my youngest daughter, I thought I couldn’t go on.  His love letters were daily…


  • A picture of Jesus and my child; a vision of His plan; for every tear I cried I felt the prayers of the saints; my new story of trust and salvation; finding her journal and then her Bible on just the right days; Butterflies that give me her ‘hello ‘when I need them and so many small gifts He leaves me just to let me know… His undying love


  • I know He laughed with joy when He sent Grandchildren!


  • Hearts and lace around my dining table – daughters, son-in-loves, grandchildren, hubby, love and laughter


  • This one has such beautiful paper. Friends He’s sent to me! –  Always at the perfect time, strong prayer warriors, sweet Tiffany, His ear in human form, aunties, cousins,my precious Valentines.


  • And, oh my, this one! 42 years later with the cute guy in the corner.

Like ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved’ I can look back over the years and recall all of the love letters from my Father.  Maybe ‘Forest Gump’ is right.  Maybe life is like a box of chocolates.  There are so many pieces to it and you don’t ever know what’s coming next.  I’m OK with that as long as I know that each piece is carefully wrapped by the Hands of the One who loves me.

Happy Valentine’s Life

Be Blessed