A friend questions God’s plan and I listen to stories of hardship.  One mother tries to comfort another by telling her that it was God’s will for her child to die so young. While I wonder what color of car to buy, a child wonders if he will eat today.  A widow wonders why her loneliness and pain are a part of His plan while another celebrates 65 years of marriage.  One young teenager cries for more, while another prays only for freedom.  God’s Will…

This past month I had the blessing of holding a brand new grandchild one week and witnessing my oldest granddaughter be baptized the next.  New Life!  As I looked into the face of new baby boy I saw God’s Will – peace, complete trust in the one taking care of him.  He rested in my arms as if I were a feather bed and opened his eyes only to be fed and nurtured, growing strength with each moment.  He was born as every child should be – surrounded by two parents and a host of family and friends who love him and are ecstatic with his very existence.

As I watched precious granddaughter being lowered into the water by her daddy and raised up, washed in the water, celebrating, saved by the blood, I saw it again – Exorbitant love.  Wet face glowing; New beginning; Complete trust…surrounded by parents and family who love her beyond measure.

In the beginning…God made beautiful creation and gushed with delight when He placed His likeness in the middle of it.  Complete trust, beauty, God’s watchful eye keeping vigilance, every need met, joyfully walking the garden with their Father, Clean…no thought of pain, hate or death…this is God’s Will for us.  This was the Plan.

I squirm in my chair as I think of the next chapter because I have done this so many times…Eve and Adam, for just a moment, took their eyes and ears away from their Father and listened to the deceiver of man.  The perfect was tainted.  Sin and all the nastiness that comes with it entered God’s beautiful garden and God’s original plan was altered forever.  He knew it would be.  His Son knew it would be.  He could look down the road and see the pain, the hate, sickness and death.  Oh how it must have grieved them.

And so, God made a Plan that satan could not alter. His very own Son came to shepherd and guide us to His garden eternal. He gave His magnificent life to open the gate of Heaven for us.  Jesus’ life accomplished God’s Will.  His Will has never been that any would suffer but that all would give Him their yoke of pain, suffering and guilt.  His Will is Peace, Comfort, and a Love that surpasses all understanding – for everyone.

God didn’t choose for us the pain and suffering that humanity has dealt upon itself, but He doesn’t turn His back on us either.  He brings us healing and comfort, He uses our pain to draw us near to Him and to help others, and He longs for our eternity with Him even more than we do.

God knows the end of the story, and we can trust Him with our story.  This is God’s Will…

Be Blessed