We know God-adventures aren’t supposed to just fade into the distance, they must continue to be lived through action and expectation.  So, what do you say?  Want to join us?  If you said “yes”, then join us TOMORROW, Wednesday, September 13th  at 7 pm, as we launch two community groups for women of all ages  in and around Lubbock. Read the excerpts below and see how your heart responds, then show up to see what else God has in store for you!

Oh the things God will do in the hearts of his daughters will be felt for generations to come…just as He planned. 



PROVEN –Jennie Allen Bible Study

Led by Gloria Toti (Prize31 Women’s Group)

7 pm  University Campus Great Room


Too many of us have bought into the lie that our cravings will be satisfied if we measure up or if we have enough. We chase images, answers, things, and people – and we wonder all the while, “Why am I still thirsty?” Is it time to stop doing things for God and start doing things with him—because you have nothing to prove?

No more pretending. No more performing. No more fighting to prove yourself.


WITHOUT RIVAL – Lisa Bevere Bible Study

Ian Rodriquez (Prize 31 Women’s Group)

7 pm University Campus Room 103


Do you look at others as rivals and limit yourself to comparison and competition?  We have a very real enemy assaulting our purpose in Christ in hopes we’ll turn on each other.  In this study we will see how God’s love breaks these limits.  It’s time to step forward in a life without rival.