Let me set the scene: Just a few days prior to Christmas one of my precious granddaughters was going down for a nap at my house. Through the closed door I am hearing delightful conversations with herself. Not real sure how the nap is going, I again stop by to listen in. Now the gleeful conversations have turned into giggles and singing! Minutes turned into an hour but the joy and excitement radiating from the bedroom was undaunted.

About that time I began to cave in and called “Mommy.” Explaining the situation, I got permission to relent on the nap and set the captive free!

As I returned to the bedroom, the singing had now been replaced with a boisterous and exuberant, “Ho! Ho! Ho! M-e-r-r-y Christmas, Ho! Ho! Ho! M-e-r-r-y Christmas!” (Has anyone seen Elf lately? She had!) Yup! Nap time was definitely over… My wonderful granddaughter had been overcome with eager anticipation of the days to come.

Is that how you feel about entering into 2015 or even tomorrow? Seriously! If we truly believe that God means what He says and that He says what He means, we could not help but eagerly anticipate our future.

In Jeremiah 29:11 He says that His plans for us are good – to give us a hope and a future. Evidence may be screaming to the contrary but that is when we, like my granddaughter, must become even more boisterous and exuberant – shouting out the truth! WHO are we going to believe?

I choose to believe that God does not lie. By holding onto this truth, I will give Him time and space to work out those good plans for my life. I am freed from the captivity of yesterday to move forward boldly into the good plans God has for me today – if only I will hold on and believe.

Getting weary? Ask the Holy Spirit for help (encourager is part of His job description) and ask Him to send friends that will help you on this journey. Allow your spirit to be lifted up as you worship and meditate on God’s promises rather than your circumstance. That which we focus on will organize the rest of our day. What do you want your day to look like? What do you want to experience in 2015?

Make your choice and SHOUT it boisterously and enthusiastically!


Nita Kuehn, Freedom Ministries
Nita Kuehn