My youngest daughter took a trip to Carlsbad with her class in 8th grade.  She asked me to pack her a snack for the bus ride.  The next day she teased me because I packed a big bag with enough food to feed an army!  I don’t know – ever once in a while us moms go crazy.  Astyn had been growing up so much in many ways.  We’d been having some good talks about being a Christian.  That’s what made me include in her grocery sack a little lemon scented doll with a note I wrote saying, “You are the pleasing aroma of Christ.”  I wanted her to remember how important her ‘smell’ was as she stepped into the world.

After all, we are the face of Jesus as we go through this world.  We are His hands, His feet, His ‘smell.’

I often think about what it means to be a pleasing aroma. (II Corinthians 2:15 “For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.”)  I wonder how I can be a living sacrifice, a pleasing aroma.  I’ve come to the realization that just like in the Old Testament when they placed their ‘first fruits’ on the altar, it has to do with giving God my best, my first fruits, putting my heart on His altar.  When I serve others in His Name, I give the world a glimpse of my Father.  When I share the best of my time and resources, I tell a story about a Savior who loves them.  That offering goes up to Heaven as a fragrant aroma to God.  Loving Him and working at loving others the way He loves us makes our Abba smile.  We are His children and there’s no love comparable to that of a parent and child. (Well, maybe the grandkids!)

This month it’s been 18 years since I got to hold that little girl and talk about Jesus with her.  That’s way too long.  But her sweet aroma lingers in my heart and mind, and I am more than grateful for our Savior.  He became the offering that promises the hope of an eternity where pain and suffering will fade away.  This time apart will seem so small, like it barely existed.  Maybe, the next time we’re together, she’ll be the one telling me the story of the One who gave His all.

What will Heaven be like?  How big is His banquet table?  What will be my delight?  Ahhh, the precious aroma of Christ.

Breathe it in…and be blessed.


Diane Qubty