terisa clark

I will never forget the first time I heard about sex trafficking….my daughter was 1.  It stirred every bit of me.  All I could say is “what can I do?”  My next step was to read more.  Learn more.  Ask more questions.  Videos.  Local and national agencies.  Stories of survivors.  Each step dispelled the myths that it happens over there…it happens to those kids…

My next step was to be a part of Running2Rescue.  We’ve been a part of 3 of the past 4 years! Only missing one because we were out of town!

R2R is a part of my girl’s vocabulary.  She talks about it.  She recognizes the logo and the tshirts around town.  Today I want to share how we talk about this terrible reality in an age-appropriate way.

To prepare her is to protect her.


  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Let them ask the questions they want to know. My girl’s questions have evolved over time.  Who hurts them?  How do they hurt them?  Why do they hurt them? And recently can I meet the girls that will live at the Ranch?
  3. I don’t know all the acceptable answers. I don’t try to make it something that has explanations…it is after all so unexplainable!
  4. Lead them to a place of prayer and remind them why we are doing R2R.


We hope to see you at R2R!  On behalf of every girl that will be able to find a safe home for restoration and an opportunity for a new beginning at OneVoiceHome, THANK YOU!!!