Oh why did my stove top choose to go out?  Wait, let me back up.  I’ve dreamed of the day I would install granite countertops but truth be told I was unwilling to go through the process of the reconstruction.  Why you ask?  Because I know it’s a messy process and I hate messy.  Routine is a good word in my vocabulary.  If you know me, you know that I am not very adventurous.  My nature leans more to the play-it-safe areas of life.

But I also knew if it was taking me more than 10 minutes to cook an egg in the morning, my stove was reaching the age of retirement.  So here was my chance to make the nice kitchen dream a reality.  No more formica – hello granite.

Well I started looking at granite and didn’t realize how expensive this stuff can be.  There were so many choices and levels – it was overwhelming.  And if you know me, you know I don’t make hasty decisions and I love bargains.  I searched and searched and found one.  I ordered it and they were getting ready to load up and deliver when one of the guys dropped his end of the slab.  How could this be happening?  Now I would have to start the process all over again.  So much for my bargain.  I searched and searched and selected another one.  They were getting ready to cut it and it began to flake and break.  I got the call and was told I would have to begin again.  I gasped.  Not again!  The third slab was installed and I love it.

But like most remodels, one new thing makes all the other things around the area look dull.  So we decided to go a little farther with the renovations to the point of taking down a wall, installing wood floors in the living room and kitchen and changing the paint in four rooms.  Well, it didn’t stop there because the new paint called for a new couch.  It will be delivered soon.  I can’t wait.

But I will say, this has been a stressful season.  Selecting paint is crazy hard.  I had my checklist.  Ask a friend or two for help.  Their houses look great and I can use a color they selected.  But I knew I should get paint samples and paint the wall in my home first to see if the little paper selections work in my area as well.  I was doing great and loving my walls until the day I came home to a lot of light and there was a slight tone of grayish green.  Wait, where had my lovely gray gone?  I had a choice to make, live with regret, paint again or love it.  I chose to love it and then I hired someone to help me finish the rest of the project.

It’s looking good but the lesson for me in this is —I am no decorator.  I can’t even fake it when it comes to transforming a home.  Not my gifting.  If you have a decorating eye, all I can say is – it must be nice to know what goes with what and not have to make 15 trips (or more) back to the store because you can’t visualize how a decorative piece it will look in your home.  I’m not joking either.  Check back soon and I’ll show you the before and after pics of how my brown home is now showing off it’s gray tones with a little bit of lovely undertones of green every now and then.  I still love it!