I have pursued many things in my life.  Some of them were smart and some not so smart!  I’ve probably spent too much time chasing better scores in golf and tennis and not enough time seeking out the poor or feeding the hungry.  I chased down a handsome young man years ago and that did prove to be a great score.  I’ve chased babies and dreams, come up with ideas and schemes all in the pursuit of a happy life.  And my how time flies as I chase after it.  I learned early not to chase after things that don’t want to be caught!  A feisty ground squirrel taught me that once! (And it only took once!)

 It takes great effort to pursue something.  It’s more than a quick purchase.  Here’s a definition according to Webster and Wiki – to follow and try to catch something or someone for usually a long distance or time.  Chase after; continue with; to strive to gain.

The most important thing I’ve ever pursued is a relationship with Jesus.  Hands down. No contest.  Much longer than I’ve chased a silly ball or chosen any of my other schemes I have sought after this Jesus.  I find Him in places I’m expecting, but sometimes I find Him in the places I least expect.  I think it’s the surprises that touch my heart the most – the sweet words of an innocent child, a lady at the grocery store, giving a lift to a stranger, hearing the testimony of one who was lost, a falling star, a lone butterfly, a timely friend.  It shouldn’t be hard to constantly seek such a loving Savior and yet I don’t always.  I forget, I fail, I fall.  I don’t always recognize His pursuit of me.  My reciprocation is an abomination; and yet, He loves me so.

This leads me to the most important thing.  What does Jesus pursue?  He has always sought out the weak, the unlovely, the least, the greatest, women, children, commoners and kings.  He’s had His hand on those that no one else would even touch.  But the biggest thing He did for us was to pursue the cross.  You heard that right.  He was no victim or martyr.  His whole life led to His crucifixion.  No man can trap or surprise God.  No man did.  Jesus took Himself to Calvary.  He pursued our eternity.  Like a soldier who throws himself over a grenade to save his friends, Jesus threw Himself to the cross.  When the Roman soldiers came to find Him, Jesus stood in front of His disciples and said, ‘Here I AM, the one you’re looking for.  Let these men go.’  Even in human form, He could have hidden Himself. But as God He could have once again, ‘quietly slipped away.’  He could have commanded His angels; confused, confiscated, convinced, or killed His attackers.  His very presence told of His majesty as the soldiers upon hearing His confession of being “I Am” drew back and fell to the ground.

He could have done anything He wanted to do – and He did.  He stayed true to His pursuit.  He gave His life for me and for you.  Our Savior pursued us, even unto His death.  He pursued eternal life for all mankind.  The cross did not steal away the Son of God. The Son of God pursued the cross. And He won the final victory.

For all of eternity He has followed you and tried to catch you.  Before you were even born He chased after you and strived to gain your presence in His kingdom.  Turn from the things you pursue and be captured by the One who pursues you.

Be Blessed! He is risen!!

Diane Qubty