Have you ever looked at another family or person and thought, “Wow, they have it going on!” They seem so valuable and you feel like you could drop off the face of the earth and no one would notice. Their role in life seems more important than yours. But Paul told us that just like the body is made up of many parts, so is the church. God made each part just as He wanted it to be. His will wouldn’t be accomplished and this life wouldn’t be good if we were all alike. Your part is important.

Consider the jet airplane. What part of it is most important? Which part would you compare your role to? I watched a documentary recently about a Douglas DC-8 that was one of the worst tragedies in history. Two hundred sixty one people were killed when the plane hit the ground and exploded so badly that nearly nothing could be found.

It was July 11, 1991 and the Nationair plane was flying from Saudi Arabia to Nigeria. It was a good and trusted plane and airway company. So what went wrong? On the plane’s first stop, the pit crew thought the tires were a bit low but let it go. On the second stop the crewman tried to get the tire’s aired up but was told they’d be ok. On the plane’s third stop the guy on the ground insisted the tires needed air or perhaps even changing as they had now lost tread. He was overruled by ‘higher ups.’ A schedule had to be kept. The rest of the plane was perfect. What happened next is history. As the plane took off on a scalding hot Saudi Arabian runway the flat balding tires caught on fire. No one could see them. As the plane settled in the air it wasn’t the landing gear that was pulled into the plane but two balls of fire. It was all over. Nothing could be done at that point to save the passengers, crew or this huge plane. The small tires were just as important as the giant engine.

Do you think your role is small? Every part of the body is important and beneficial. The smallest piece matters. Just stub your pinky toe to know this! Don’t ever think you are ‘just a mom, just a worker bee, just a…. What you are is just who God made you to be, just the one He loves, just perfect, just as He planned. Don’t belittle your place in God’s kingdom. Don’t forget how important that you, His masterpiece, are to Him. When one of my grandchildren makes me a ‘work of art’ it goes on my wall to admire. How much more the work of God’s Hands? Don’t envy the place of others in this life. If you are a ‘tire,’ stay full and treaded. It’s all about getting the passengers to the final destination.

God gave you a role to play and every position counts. He doesn’t make mistakes and He doesn’t make junk! Recognize your purpose! Thank God for the special gifts that He chose just for you. And when your ‘tires hit the runway’ make sure they are the very best you can give. You won’t believe the trip God will take you on!

Be blessed!