Multi-tasking is a daily passion of mine. I play Candy Crush while watch movies, catch up on YouTube videos while prepping dinner, or jam to my favorite tunes while cleaning. But my love of multitasking came crashing down…last week.

The catalyst for this downfall began when my boss confronted our staff about being on our computers and phones during our weekly meeting. He said, “I know Y’all are working on other stuff to numb the pain of this meeting. But get off everything and give me your full attention. If this meeting is unnecessary, let’s feel its pain and then discuss if we need to even meet.”

His philosophy stuck with me. Feel the pain of something and then analyze if the activity is truly necessary. How many things had I been placing into my life to “numb the pain” of the task I was doing.

I started reducing my multitasking by turning off the radio when I was driving. Forcing me to sit alone with my thoughts was terrifying but oddly wonderful. I suddenly had time to analyze things in my life. Time that I thought wasn’t in my schedule.

Then the A/C broke, forcing me to roll down the windows. I had forgotten how truly peaceful it was to drive in this manner. How the breeze is refreshing and the sound of life outside is incredibly grounding.

After this small epiphany, I scaled back even more: stripping away social media and every form of multitasking I could imagine.

And I discovered that taking away multitasking…

1) gave me more time
a. by cutting my chore length in half. (When you’re not belting out Whitney Houston you find dusting really doesn’t need to take as long.)
2) allowed the Lord precious quiet moments to work on my heart.
3) stripped off things in my life that weren’t producing fruit and made time for the things that were.
4) unearthed
a. my extreme fear of boredom.
b. that while I was looking busy, I was really struggling with laziness.
c. things I still needed to work through and not just cover with the Band-Aid and excuse of having no time.

I write this in the midst of this journey. And no, this isn’t a blog about anti-Facebook or anti-YouTube, or anti-music. But I am discovering that sometimes in life we need to cut a few things out to evaluate and reflect on life. I am attempting to strip things from my life to make me “feel the pain” of what I am doing or thinking. And then letting God work.

Rachel Way