Just a couple of weeks ago our sweet chocolate lab Murphy had to have a minor surgery. Her ear had started to swell over the course of a 24 hour period. The next morning my husband took her to the animal clinic to be examined. After further exploration she had a hematoma in her ear that would require her be put her under, make an incision in her ear and then fix the problem. Well this was already nerve wracking to me as she is our little fur baby, but we were also going out of town that afternoon.

The clinic got her in to surgery after lunch and we stopped to check on her before we left town. She was out of surgery but going to wake on her own from the anesthesia. My biggest concern came from the clinic stating she would be kept overnight for observation. When we leave town she stays at our house and someone comes to check on her. She never stays the night away from us, or our home when we are away, so I was most concerned with her being scared. “What if she panics because she is someplace new?” “What if it makes her sick because she is nervous and doesn’t recognize anyone or anything around her?” “Does she know how loved she is because we are leaving her with strangers that performed surgery on her?” These were the thoughts that kept running through my head as we were preparing for a weekend away.

These questions have been playing back in my mind but in relation to Jesus. “Does He know how much I love Him?” As Christian’s we know that God knows our hearts and what we feel and think even before we do, but my human mind still wonders, does He know?

Can He tell that I love Him by the way I lived my life today? Does He know I love Him even if I all asleep before I finish praying? Does He know I love Him and cherish the gifts He provides daily? The answer is undoubtedly yes. He does know even when I fall short of glorifying Him for His great works.

I am happy to report that Murphy is doing great and healing wonderfully. She was her perky self the next day when she was picked up from the clinic and she greeted us at the front door when we arrived back home tail wagging. She knew we loved her because we show her daily, just like He knows because we try each day to be an example of His love.


1 John 4:19 – We love because he first loved us.



Kristin Huber


Kristen Huber