Carl and I were driving in the car on a rare moment out sans kids when it occurred to me just how incredibly busy we’ve been lately. By nature we are busy people. I remember being frustrated one summer when a vacation to Ruidoso with my family wasn’t chock full of activities. My dad told me everyone needed time to relax. Relax, who needs to do that? I thought. I’m not sure I ever really learned how to relax as a young adult. In college, I packed on as many credits as I could each semester and worked full-time and overtime often. I was always running from place to place. My laid back husband became stressed and rushed because he watched me attempt to be productive every moment. Carl and I have always complemented each other this way. If it weren’t for me, almost nothing would get done at our house. But, if it weren’t for him, I’d never uncover those moments of peace when the lists and to-dos can wait.


So while we were in the car, feeling the weight of a busy week and pinched finances, I wrote a poem in my head that I’m going to share with you. I’m a closet poet at heart. I’m always finding poetry in small things. And big things. And in between things. Most of them don’t make it to paper and are lost in the tumult of new thoughts and information making its way into my mind. When I say I’m a closet poet, I mean most people don’t know the joy I find in seeing and writing poetry. We created puzzle pieces at our school that contain pictures and words that represent the things most important to us. Mine contains the words All life is poetry. I think God is the greatest poet of all time, and I try to see His poetry in everything. I challenge you to do the same. Find poetry in everyday things. It’s there, I assure you. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this bit of poetry.


All life’s a whirlwind of lists and to-dos.

The hustle, bustle, rustle catches me,

Carries me away from the peace of the shining sun,

The peace of an open book,

The peace of knowing everything

Will one day be complete.

A reminder comes in the presence of a chirping bluejay –

How blue its feathers shine.

This bird doesn’t sow or reap, yet he is fed.

Another reminder – this one a daisy.

This daisy doesn’t sow or reap, yet she shines.

The bluejay and daisy don’t rush from day to day.

Their lives are complete in worshipping our Father.

Lesson learned and taken to heart, I think.

How much more you will take care of me.

And in the gentle whisper, I hear you tell me

I am enough and can’t do it all.

You have me in the palms of your hands.

And it is there I find peace.