My favorite day on our honeymoon included my receiving the nickname “Pink Thunder”. It all started when Jacob and I decided to check out the private beach at our resort.

We noticed some extremely athletic people playing some serious volleyball. When an opening came Jacob and I asked to step in, but then one entire side left! Though Jacob and I were pretty decent at volleyball, we knew couldn’t take on the six pros facing us by ourselves. So, we started recruiting. After about ten minutes we had formed a team that looked like they were from the Island of Misfit Toys. There were two drunk, beer belly sporting, 21-year-olds who were there for their sister’s wedding; a newlywed guy who had never played before; and a girl who “played like once before.” So needless to say, our expectations were pretty low for competing. Then to top it off, since the other team had been playing for about 4 hours already they knew their team’s endurance and had already figured out their strengths and weaknesses.

I turned to Jacob and sadly said, “Well…let’s just play them for fun.” We had a rough start, but then things started changing. The 21-year-olds sobered up quickly and we found they could set and spike like no one’s business. The guy who never played before was a fantastic server, and the girl held her own. We started to become a family. We communicated, caught each other’s mistakes, and laughed together. Y’all we starting winning, and winning well! Since I was willing to dive for the ball in my bright pink swimsuit, I was deemed the “Pink Thunder” by my team. The other team won the first game then we swept the second.

It came down to the tiebreaking third game when I started to feel my muscles give way. But then I turned to look at this newly formed “family” who needed me and said, “ONE MORE FOR “PINK THUNDER”!” And…. we won! Our newfound family embraced, realizing we had defied all odds. We had risen from underdogs to champs. It honestly was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. And through it all Jacob and I had worked so well as a team. It was a beautiful, post wedding confirmation that we would always have each other’s back.

I left that day on such a high, for my team and husband, but also for God. With just looking at our team I never would have imaged we would end up the victors. But then again, God often in the Bible used a motley crew of ordinary people who didn’t think they were qualified. And He still does today.

And though I limped the next day due to shin splints, I wouldn’t have traded my unplanned experience as “Pink Thunder” for the world.

Rachel Way