How much time do you think you spend on social media a day? Think about everything you check (let’s be real, creep on), Tweet and post in a typical 24-hour period. The statistics I found to answer this question were mind-blowing. I’m as guilty as the next person with it being a trivial break from the day’s challenges, but I’ve got to make a change!

The average person spends about one hour and forty minutes per day on social media and has an average of five social media accounts. FIVE! That was so unreal to me, but I started thinking about everything I have: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest and sure enough I am part of that average number. I have never caught on to the whole Twitterverse bandwagon, but the four I have are more than time consuming.

I recently went through an Instagram purge. I’m really bad about watching a movie/TV show and then I want to follow an actor or actress because I loved their performance. However, it doesn’t take long to get a true glimpse of someone by what they post to their social media. My opinions on certain personalities has drastically changed due to this, some for better some for worse.

This idea of messy media really resonated with me once I started diving in a bit more to these statics for work. If I am spending that amount of time on social media a day, how is it benefitting me? So I began the great social media purge…DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!!! Some “friends” got deleted from Facebook, some sites had the “Like” button disabled and Instagram peeps became subject to the dreaded Unfollow tab. Then I started filling my feeds up with following Bianca Olthoff, Christine Caine, Proverbs 31 Ministry…you get the idea. Now don’t sit there and think that is all I follow now and I have it all figured out. There are still other people/sites I follow like The Pioneer Woman and clothing boutiques for example because that fuels me too! I made a conscious decision to declutter what I am pouring in to my life!

The reality is that this is the world we live in now. I know there are still some people out there that don’t have any of these accounts and I truly applaud you for not getting swept up in the “mess”. If we will allow ourselves to be honest for a second that is what it is, a mess! If I am going to participate in the social media epidemic let is change me for the better.

I love following my friends to see pictures of their growing families, life accomplishments, etc., but beyond that, how much time do I really need to spend watching funny animal videos on YouTube? If I need that break from the day-to-day, and social media is part of that escape, let it speak words of encouragement and hope to me!

Be Blessed,