The last several months have been a bit of a struggle with lots going on around me.  I’ve had friends and family dealing with health problems and our dear co-worker entered the heavenly realm and left us speechless. Each day I look around and think how easy it is for our daily routines to be altered or changed in one day.

Chris was the name of the man we all worked alongside on different projects. He was a valued member and respected by many. I had the opportunity to get to know him past the acquaintance stage the last couple weeks while working on the annual R2R event. I noticed how he cared for others deeply. He would always take time out to help anyone who needed it.

Ever since his passing, I look at life as a delicate matter. I know each and everyday is slowly passing. I have a choice to make! Do I let it go by or do I enjoy it by making someone’s day a little brighter? Do I waste it or do I cherish the moments I have with family and friends. Do I get angry easily or do I let it go?

Many questions have been going through my head? I then think about the things that Jesus would want me to do? What would all my family and friends in Heaven want me to do?

Recently I start flipping through my Bible to read and I came to this verse “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)  I know my purpose in life is to share Christ with others. I have been doing that one way or other ever since I was a twinkle in my dad’s eye.

During a series called Crazy Love by Francis Chan, I’ve had to do more self-evaluation. I look at myself and wonder am I doing what I need to be doing for the cause of Christ? Am I growing closer to Him so I can change the world. Between Crazy Love and the fragile topic of death, I have made a purpose to do just that. Change the world as the Lord allows me.

 I look back over last year and saw some great windows close, but some greater doors open. I may have that backwards, but you get the picture. I also feel like I have helped more people this year than I would have if I stayed where I was last year. I pray everyday that I grow closer to God as I show others who God is.

I pray that we have revival in our nation. I know that is what all the ones who has gone before us have lived and died for. I choose today to make a difference. I choose that one day in the future when Christ comes or I die, whichever comes first, that I will leave a legacy like many others have done as they have gone before me.

I crave to change our world like we know it now. I crave to see what God has in store for me and my family. I will grow in Christ more today than yesterday. I am determined!

Chris, rest in peace – you left a legacy and remind us daily to do the same.

Carrie Larpenter