I never knew that five girls could change my life.

Six months ago, I started a tester community group in line with our upcoming church campaign. I invited some ladies who God had placed on my heart. When the study was done, to my delight, my tester group voted to become a permanent group.

Our study then encouraged us to take a weekend trip; we picked New York City. I can’t begin to tell you how truly remarkable this trip was, and how I was amazed at the warm hearts of my girls that beat beneath the NYC chill.

We started out driving to Dallas to catch our flight. Singing at the top of our lungs, we only stopped for a Starbucks refill. Arriving in New York, we experienced our first New York taxi, trying to keep our breakfast down. After checking into our hotel we bundled up so tight it was almost comedic. But falling in love with the city was easy, and we each fell at different times.

For Kati, an English teacher, it was at the public library. For Angela it was listening to a young guitarist worship God in Central Park. Kristin fell during our late night cheese and chocolate at the restaurant Top of The View. For me it was laughing until I cried at the Broadway show, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. And just to see the childish smile that crossed Sarah’s face as she took her first bite of Laduree’s macaroons, you knew it was love. The energy of the city was contagious, the walking, restaurants, and cheesecake. Who couldn’t love the cheesecake? We “loved” it so much that we had to take a two-hour break at 6:00 PM just to regain energy. We were quite the sight.

On our second night, we enjoyed dinner at the amazing Carmines where they serve family style Italian food by the plateful. With walking all day our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs therefore we ordered way too much pasta. As our stomachs filled, our brains tried to figure out what in the world we were going to do with all the leftovers. Then the gentle voice of Angela spoke up, “I am sure we can find some hungry people who need this.” I was truly humbled by my friend’s heart.

At the end of our trip I was honestly shocked that we weren’t sick of each other. Kati wisely stated, “Well, when you have five girls who love Jesus and will put others needs before their own, it is bound to be a success.”

I left New York feeling so blessed to be surrounded by such wise, selfless, and generous women. God has used these girls to inspire me to be a Godlier woman. But New York was just the icing on the cake. Looking back on the previous six months with these girls: I got to experience my first “Friendsgiving” with them, they are the ones I invite to dinner when my husband has a basketball game and they bring encouragement and a shoulder to cry on when needed.

On our way home we all talked about our bruises, blisters, and pulled muscles. And I couldn’t help but smile and know that these were badges of honor, earned on the streets of New York, because we want to “Walk with the wise and become wise”(Proverbs 13:20a) blisters and all.

Here is a recap from our trip!


Rachel Way
Rachel Way