It’s that time of the year! Spring Break. Weekend trips. Summer Vacations! Planning is in full swing for many of us. Every trip typically involves others – family, friends, strangers….

My secret to a successful vacation has been found in asking this one question:

What 1 thing do you want to experience on this trip?

Each person is encouraged to share the thing they most want to see, do, eat, etc. That’s when the fun begins! Listening involves not just hearing what they want to experience, but understanding the why behind their request.

Recently my sister and I planned a trip to the city we both graduated from high school in. My one thing was to go to my junior high school… strange I know! She asked why….and oh, the stories I told!!! It is a very significant place in my life and the opportunity to just drive into that parking lot was an invitation to unfold a chapter of my life that is longing to be reconciled.

A few mechanics of the process:

  1. Ask the question. Note: The number of things we ask in that question can vary based on the number of people going and the number of days we are staying.
  2. Plan those priorities into the vacation.
  3. Depending on your style – ask the question again and schedule the next round of priorities. Or just stay flexible and leave the rest of the trip unplanned and spontaneous.
  4. If you get someone who answers the question “nothing.” Then ask the question another way: what 1 thing would you regret not doing on this trip? Or what 1 thing would you want to tell others about this trip?

I have years of vacations/trips where this success secret is the foundation of great memories! New York, Africa, Vacation to Grandparents house, weekend trip to Dallas…. The list goes on! Now it’s your turn – What other vacation success secrets do you have?



Terisa Clark
Terisa Clark