As a mom, I find myself often evaluating the phrases that come out of my mouth. I don’t want to mislead you all to think that it’s because I’m some super mom….it’s actually because 5 year old children constantly ask what they mean….

Over the past year, we’ve adopted a standard in our home that we try to refrain from using the phrase “let me Google it”. Instead we have decided that “I don’t know” and “maybe we can find someone who knows about ______” and “let me find out more and I will share it with you” are more fitting for us.

You ask WHY????

I’ve come to realize that many people are invited into the world of pornography through the simple use of that all so powerful tool Google. No I’m not blaming Google. But I have too many stories to tell of people, especially young people who innocently searched Google for something they wanted to know about and the trap door was opened to them.

I believe that if I show my daughter that the place to find answers is on Google, then when she is in search of answers about her sexuality (and many other things) she will go to Google to find them. And I believe that the results from a Google search won’t have her interest best interest at heart. I’m also not confident that those results are provided through a Biblical view of sexuality – the view which I believe is the most fulfilling, pure and beautiful view of sexuality!

So I invite you….try it! Let me know how practicing this impacts you personally. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



Terisa Clark
          Terisa Clark