Several nights ago, John and I were sitting at our dining table with two of our grandkids, Keegan and Karter. While finishing our meal, Karter began to talk about our landscape business which his daddy (Tim, our son) manages.

He gave us a full six-year old’s rendition of the opportunities and challenges of the business, as well as a complete run down on those working for his daddy.

It was most interesting – to say the least! John and I smiled and laughed as we listened to his very animated account.

Later that night I began to smile as I thought about our Father God. He must be watching us with His loving eyes and heart; listening to our earthly view of things; smiling and thinking, “If only they could see this through MY eyes.”

Our perspective on life and all the things that happen around us are so limited by our earthly understanding. God’s ways are so much higher – it is hard for us to even get a glimpse of them.

I must admit, however, that when I prayerfully look back on my life, I do actually begin to see purpose in parts I thought were total disasters at the time. God redeemed them. He took even those things which were meant for evil and turned them to good.

Recognizing His handiwork has given me confidence to move forward more boldly and the strength to quiet any worry in my heart. I have come to realize that even the leaking roof; the broken foot; the financial crisis; the marriage struggles; etc., etc.; all were redeemed and became part of the tapestry of my life which God uses to give hope to others.

I encourage you, my dear friends: Whatever season of life you are in, trust that God is bigger than any circumstance and that He can redeem even that which seems hopeless.

Hang on to the “hem of His garment;” keep praising Him; and know that He will get you to the other side of the mountain – even if He has to carry you.

Along the way, ask Him to help you see things through His eyes. Your perspective will totally change; you may even develop a new joy in living. I challenge you. Give it a try!