In a recent conversation my husband was having with a friend, my four-year-old daughter overheard them talking about a man who was driving around town trying to abduct young girls.

When we arrived home, she inquired about this conversation. In her own unique four-year-old way, she began to ask questions about this man. What did he want to do with the girls….what did he look like…what was he driving…etc. She even had her own ideas of what he might do to them.

I wrestled with two thoughts:

She’s too young…don’t tell her this stuff.

She could be a target…prepare her!     

I landed with the last one. We will not steal her innocence. We will strive to protect her. We will focus on the questions she’s asking…not more, not less.

Just one week later, I found myself at an unscheduled board meeting for One Voice looking at a potential home for minor girls that are rescued from human trafficking. My compelling thought:

She will not be a slave. She will be set free. Protect her!


I want to invite you to take a stand. Take a stand with your own children and with the children you have influence over. Educate them. Talk to them in ways that are appropriate for their age. Take a stand for those who are caught in a lifestyle they did not choose. We can make a difference! We are making a difference! How can you do this? Just take advantage of the next step in front of you.

  1. Educate yourself on the issues. Go to One Voice Home  for information. Watch this video.
  2. Start small. Join us at the Roaring 20’s party December 4th and bring an item to donate to victims of assault.
  3. Give to the cause. You can make a difference.

Together we are making a difference. We are choosing not to turn our heads, but to courageously speak truth.

Below is a resource to help you identify red flags for children who are being sex-trafficked:                   Voice of Hope Lubbock


Terisa Clark
Terisa Clark