It takes a village to raise a child…

Oh that famous proverb; a brief popular saying that expresses a belief that is generally thought to be true… hmmm? Well at least it doesn’t say you have to believe that the saying is absolutely true! Back in the “good old days” when my kids were in school, I lived by that saying. Now that I’m a grandmother, I’m not so sure I would like a “village” to help me raise my grandchildren. Imagine letting an entire community contribute and take an active role in the rearing of your children or grandchildren, trusting that maybe, just maybe they will grow up and become healthy adults… I, um, NO!

Just look around and see how the “norm” of things has taken a few different turns in the opposite direction of what we grew up with. The sense of safety is no longer something we can take for granted. Do you feel as safe as you used to?  If you are like me, I remember the day when our grandparents didn’t lock their doors.  Today, we are rethinking that action.  Perhaps double locking our doors is the new norm.

Our world is at big crossroads: We see statewide mandates forcing businesses to cooperate with actions beyond their beliefs or values. The occupation of bathroom usage is being redefined. Some public schools have started using wider definitions of marriage to influence students away from the traditional values many of us grew up with.  Same-sex marriage and transgenderism in my opinion is sending such mixed signals to this current generation.  “Sexy” seems to sell most items in marketing campaigns – girls and boys are being exploited all over the world.  Need we say more?

It’s not easy to live in accordance to the standards and perceptions of the world when they are all around us.  I know many moms and grandmas who are weighing in on the topic of releasing their children and grandchildren into this “anything goes” society and holding on a little tighter. Of course, we don’t have a choice in all things, but we do have a choice on our influence over our own through prayer and example.

I refuse to let my grandchildren be steered away from the principles and values that are based on Biblical truth. Trusting others to help rear my children and grandchildren is now a scary thought. I pray that God will watch over them as they endeavor to serve Him. I delight in knowing that the Bible gives us numerous short instructions for living an effective life on earth. Proverbs 22:6 tells us to, “Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their lives.” I hope I am able to fulfill this as a grandparent.

As believers, we need to help each other persevere in faith to the end so that none of us will be fooled by sin and become too hard to change. I no longer look at the proverb, I look to the Proverbs, found in the living Word; a message given to us from the “living God” (Hebrews 3:12). I believe the God of the Bible, and correct me if I’m wrong, but my reading of the Bible does not suggest there were dozens of other options. God created us and the rules and we do better as a society when we let Him lead.

So, if you don’t mind, I would like to hit the RESTART button now and go back to the times when people feared God!  Not happening out there for now, but it can still happen inside the four walls of our hearts and homes.   Call out to Him for all the things you need because He wants to help us raise the next generation of strong leaders.