It was another day of the fierce war wagging inside my body. I opened the window as the rain pelleted outside in hopes the end was near. Waiting out this violent storm, laying in bed for more than a month, battered my body and wearied my soul. I was sustaining hits from a barrage of attacks and there was absolutely no strength in me to fight. Unexpectedly the phone rang! A call from “home” on the frontline of a battle field is a sure sign of hope. The soft, strong voice began to speak. It was Gloria Toti. Tears swelled in my eyes, oxygen filled my lungs and my ears were listening carefully! A voice of hope! Gently but with fierce authority she began to unleash truth about my situation. She declared, “This test will be your testimony! This mess is the message God has in you for others.” She was brave enough to join me in the darkest corner of life and push beyond the hopeless reality into the broad spectrum of God’s love and infinite power. These are qualities held by the most noted commanding generals. This month’s Remarkable Woman, Gloria Toti is noted as a warrior on a mission! Her strengths as a leader are among the finest…empathy, discipline, confidence, mental strength, and innovation! No map could ever outline her mission field, it’s wide open!

Gloria first came into our family field when my sister became a Christian in Albuquerque, NM. Terisa was away from home for the first time, in a big city and newly born-again. As her singles pastor, Gloria became a spiritual mother helping her learn and grow in the ways of God. I saw the spiritual heritage being invested in Terisa as she bravely ventured into the most dangerous parts of the city to reach out to kids who were not fed well, unclean and had experienced more life than we ever imagined! As a spiritual mom Gloria showed by example this is what love does. It goes into dark places.

Gloria is consistent! You’ll never find her sitting on the sidelines. As I spoke with several other women who have been part of Gloria’s life for more than a decade, over and over they gave the same account of her impact on their life. Becky Moore shared with me, “Gloria is an amazing woman in so many ways! She strives for excellence in all things, demonstrates intentional care and passionate love for the Lord in her ministry. One of the remarkable memories our family has of Gloria is when our daughter, Emily, had a very serious and major surgery. Gloria called, came by our house to check on us and brought food for our family.” Someone else shared, Gloria will stay by your side until the victory is won! She has the true heart of God’s general!

Gloria continues to press the forces of darkness on the bloodiest battlefronts; sex trafficking and empowering women in vulnerable life circumstances! She has certainly left the littleness of life behind, grabbed ahold of destiny, been consumed by vision and committed her life to a cause!

We want to honor you Gloria Toti for being YOU, a warrior after God’s own heart! It’s truly divine that God placed you here for such a time as this. We see the faith you have retained, regardless of difficulties. It’s contagious to us all!  Join us in celebrating the gift of life she has brought to many!

Here are a few articles and news stories from the battlefront of Gloria’s mission!