This month’s remarkable woman has a story of courage and hope for anyone facing a seemingly impossible situation. She’s brave, she’s a woman of strength, she’s connected to the source, she’s Misty Neufeld!

We were gathered around a table with a common interest in loving young ladies, especially those who were experiencing an unplanned pregnancy! As the discussion rounded the table to Misty I could sense a powerful love compelled her to be actively involved. Her understanding of their needs and commitment to meet them on such a personal level drew me like a bee on honey. So, as our group broke away from the table curiosity nudged me to ask, “Misty what brought you to being involved in Heartline?” I’ll share highlights of her story in a moment, but what resonated deeply was her answer to my final question, “How did you do it?” She paused, created a confident point with her finger, aimed it straight to Heaven and boldly proclaimed “It’s all because of Him.”

Here’s the short story, Misty was 19 years old with a strong Christian upbringing. She was new to college and many other experiences of being away from home. Ignorance was a sort of bliss as she breezed into this new season of life, until the reality of an unplanned pregnancy rattled the foundation of her life. She initially denied it could even be real, but the evidence continued to grow. At 5 months pregnant she told a friend and at 6 months she finally confided in her two older sisters who shared the news with her parents. She didn’t want to disappoint her family and felt the overwhelming uncertainty of how to navigate this drastic life change. Her father’s words were the first to resurrect hope. He hugged her, looked her in the eyes and said, “Misty, you are going to be the best mother!” Now, 6 months along the arrival of her baby boy was not far away. Her Aunt Nila helped decorate the nursery and paint, while offering daily support and encouragement. She was even there on the special day when Saylor made his grand entry into the world.

The following years were hard! However, the choices she made produced new outcomes.

Misty worked hard providing for her and Saylor. There were times she wasn’t sure where their provision would come from, but she recalled God was always faithful! One time someone handed her an envelope with $100, just when they needed it most. These experiences created a force of life for her and Saylor. Anything is possible became their motto. As she caught me up on where life is today her eyes sparkled! Today Saylor is in his 3rd year of Medical School. The pain of her unplanned pregnancy had a purpose and has taught her the invaluable lesson of being still in the moment and waiting for what God has planned. Stillness even lead her to the peaceful waters of marrying a wonderful man named Dave, who embraced Saylor as his own son. Their family grew to include twin daughters, Zoey and Lexi! She lives a generously philanthropic life, sowing seeds hope and love into the future!

Pondering Misty’s story, reminds me of what Pastor Carl Toti once said, “What God gives you, He has the right to one day require back.” Misty’s story is HIStory! This remarkable woman has given us a glimpse into the enigma of God’s way of turning everything to the good for those who love God. Where do you find yourself in this story? We hope it compels you to point your finger toward Heaven and boldly declare, “It’s all because of Him!” He will certainly do it again, and again and again!

Heartline offers FREE and CONFIDENTIAL services to women in the South Plains area. Heartline is funded exclusively through private donations and welcomes the involvement of volunteers. They provide services for free so that women can make a choice they can live with the rest of their lives. People like Misty and other professional staff are there to help women through every step of the decision-making process.

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