As I limped into town heartbroken and barely alive the very first lifeline God sent was an energetic, powerful, wise woman named Nita Kuehn. It wasn’t uncommon for me to call on her at odd hours and in sheer desperation. Much like a skilled triage nurse, she followed a divine protocol in bringing me back to life. Sometimes it was loving confrontation of my fears and doubts, and other times it was the spoken Word of Truth that resonated deep in my spirit. One of the trademarks of Remarkable Women is the distinct imprint they leave on their family, friends and community. I soon realized my experience with her was very common. Many others had felt the impact in their lives, too!

When you encounter someone of this magnitude it’s compelling to ask, “What’s making this amazing woman tick?” So, Nita and I sat down to talk about the sweet spot she’s found in her 71 years of living. (Psst…You would never guess her age! Her vigorous spirit and chic style gracefully keep her looking young and spry!) She began by framing who she is today around an introduction to her father. He was a minister, unconventional in his ways and absolutely a world changer. As a preacher’s kid she witnessed him bringing the gospel to untouched people and in unheard of places like casinos, prostitution strips and high-end resorts. Watching her father pioneer these ministries inspired the same spirit of greatness in her.

While sitting in the Dean’s office her freshman year of college, she was asked “What do you want to do with your life?” The answer was clear for her. “I want to change the world.” Through the years this mission was carried out in many fields; as an early education teacher, 26 years assisting people in finding jobs, and full-time ministry – yet the heart behind it has always been the same. Nita seeks to share God’s truth with others in a way that brings transformation!

Her effectiveness is summed up in one golden nugget. “Be instant in season. Every moment we have is an opportunity, she exclaimed! What we do with it is a choice to honor the moment or become self-involved.” Her heart is always open to divine appointments, which explains why my random calls were never a bother to her! She was always fully present and eager to reconnect my disjointed life with the source of all life, Jesus Christ.

Nita was a bit giddy when we talked, so I asked the question, “Looking out ahead what do you see in store for the church?” It’s her sense that people are realizing they are not in control. So many things are happening beyond our control. This is exciting she smiled, because people are finding the God hole in their lives, which gives us a huge open door. We have what fills the hole.

This extraordinary lady has a divine way of listening, chewing up the truth and putting it in a nutshell in such a way that even us squirrely ones can crack it open and digest it for life!

While there are many habits attributed to her greatness. Here’s a few she is sharing with us:

  • When Nita spends time with God, she always has pen and paper. She credits learning this from David Holladay. When God talks, she writes it down on loose leaf paper and keeps it in a 3 ring binder for many years of reference.
  • Nita views them as divine encounters, recalling that many of the credible things in Jesus’ ministry were interruptions. It’s a priority in her life to take these opportunities. Meaning, have a willingness to go with God’s agenda instead of ours.
  • She is constantly humored by the things God asks us to do. Knowing He’s in control helps her not take anything too seriously. By the way, Nita has some fabulous stories! You can read about many of them right here on the Prize 31 blog. She’s been writing here for years! You will enjoy some really good laughs.

As we were finishing up our time together Nita pointed her finger upward acknowledging that all the credit goes to the Lord for all that He has done in and through her. She wanted us to know, without Him she’d be an empty shell.

Nita, you are certainly a world changer! I’m compelled to slow down, listen and be available more than ever!!! Friends, it’s been said, “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do!” I think it’s safe to say, love makes this amazing woman tick! May the good things we have learned not rest in our minds but be put to work in our hearts and hands! Let’s be the change our world needs!