Well, it seemed like a great idea at the time…We had such a great front porch!  Us kids tied a rope to the top of the wooden railing first.  Our inspiration was the 5 foot long 2X4 we had found which we propped up on the two foot tall base of the porch.  The other end was firmly stuck in the West Texas soil below.  Barnum and Bailey would have been proud.  Being the oldest (wisest?) of the neighborhood architects I took the reins first.  I had reasoned in my mind that the whole trick to this tightrope act was to keep the rope nice and tight in my hands so the slack wouldn’t let me tumble.  Perhaps we should have thought more about that plank of wood!  Halfway up it slipped off of the porch and sent me face down onto the cement edge. I can’t really say that I remember a lot after that.  A gaping chin and a several stitches later I was left with a nice long scar under my chin and hopefully, a little smarter than I was before.

When we have an open cut, the skin mends itself and forms a scar.  Maybe it’s making itself tougher for the next brilliant idea! I was talking to a friend one day about the nice long scar on my neck after my surgery just over a year ago.  She assured me that it wasn’t that noticeable and anyways, it’s a great battle scar.  We all have battle scars, right?  Some of them are right on the chin and neck for all to see, but others stay hidden away in secret places.  Those are often the ones we can’t forget about.  But just like our skin heals, I believe that when we let God heal those scars we carry in our hearts He makes us stronger there too.  He sees our every wound no matter how hard we try to cover it up.  Those open wounds are too painful, too vulnerable.  I don’t want to walk around with my heart broken and bleeding any more than I want to walk around with my chin hanging open.

Heaven forbid that I would walk around with every open wound I’ve ever had!  You would know immediately that I’m not very graceful (or great at shaving my legs!)  That stinking satan takes a heart that is injured and uses it to wreak havoc in our life.

But God heals us so well that even I can lay those wounds in the recesses of my memories.  He replaces them instead with grace, truth and love.  He doesn’t just hand out band-aids to cover what’s hurt us; He gives us healing and comfort that never go away.  His truth erases the lies of the enemy.  I proudly wear my battle scars – all of them.  Jesus has covered them in His love.  He did something even more amazing.  He healed us with His own scars.  He knew what the plank of wood He carried would lead to, but He did it anyway.  He purposefully and lovingly took the scars that heal our every wound.

Maybe you have a deep cut that needs tending to.  The Great Physician’s clinic is open 24/7.  Ask Him to take a look.  You will be blessed.

Diane Qubty