One of my favorite things about January is that family traditions start anew. If you know anything about my husband and me, you may know that things at the Way household are never quite normal.  So please let me entice you to see what we look forward to with every season.
Jan/Feb/March/April = Oscars/Passion/Dresses
January – This is the month that you will find Jacob and me bombarding the theaters, haunting Redbox, and scouring Netflix. Watching the Oscars has been a family tradition that has stood the test of time. Growing up, it was the night we got M&Mss, white cheddar popcorn, and the chance to stay up late. It was heaven!!  So as adults Jacob and I make it our personal goal to watch all of the best picture nominations before Oscar night. Every year we see some weird movies, but also some movies that challenge our thinking and change our lives. We love it!
February – While many think the 14th is lame or Single Awareness Day, I thank my parents for making it a day to show the ones we love how much we love them. So I can’t wait to give valentines to my dearest friends and family!
March/April – Easter, always my favorite time to shop for a new dress!! I hunt more for this dress than I do for clothes in any other occasion.
May/June/July/Aug = Doorbell Dixie/the List/Mermaiding
May- A popular tradition growing up was May Day, a tradition of leaving a basket of goodies on someone’s door, ringing the doorbell, and running away. I do a modern-day version…I would tell you….but I can’t reveal myself!
June– Summer lists: Sometimes it’s stressful to put my dreams on paper. But always worth it when you get bored to see lists full of possibilities.
July/Aug- One of my deepest passions I always try to do every summer is go swimming. My nickname growing up was “the mermaid” and I still want to be one when I grow up.
Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec = Illinois love/Inner Drama queen/The Gift
Sept –  My inner Midwesterner looooooves this time of year. The idea of corn mazes, pumpkin carving, and apple cider is the closest thing to pure bliss for this Illinois girl.
Oct – When it comes to the 31st of this month, it’s every drama kid’s dreams. I don’t know what theatre kid wouldn’t love the opportunity to make an outfit from scratch and be Cinderella, Batman, or a prom queen for a day.  And now that I am married, Jacob and I work on coordinating outfits!
Nov/Dec- The coolest part of this month is to give gifts to others. I love Jacob and my tradition of our gifts for Christmas. Instead of trading actual gifts we trade Date Nights. We each open an envelope on the 25th and it could be anything from a five course dinner, painting with a twist, a Monty Python quote along, or my favorite one thus far “go find a puppy together.”
My family has always taught me the importance of traditions. And for a while I didn’t think we had any, and you may think the same. But look into this next year and find them. You won’t regret it, I promise.
Rachel Way
Rachel Way