Daisies are my favorite flower. When we moved into our house four years ago, I planted daisies. I think they are the happiest flower. Every year around this time, my daisies bloom. When I pull into my driveway after work, I stop and look at them and thank God for such a beautiful thing as daisies. It’s often simple things like them that remind me of who my God is.

Our fallen world sometimes breaks my heart. I think of all the kids out there with no family, kids who feel like they have no future. I think of victims of mass shootings, how their families and friends must miss them. I think of a thirteen year old girl I know who was raped and found herself pregnant. I think of my best friend from high school whose dad recently passed away unexpectedly. He was a firefighter and a good man. I remember one summer I spent the night at her house, and her dad called us outside to a pile of blankets and a telescope. We sat under the stars while he pointed out the constellations to us. And I think of the fourteen year old girl who took her life last year because she couldn’t take the pain anymore. My heart breaks for families, friends, kids, the lost, those in mourning, those being persecuted, and the list goes on.

With all of the tragedy, it is easy to focus on the negative. We’re surrounded by it. We see it in everyone else’s lives, and we see it in our own. Being optimistic and full of hope is harder than I ever thought it’d be. My thoughts turn to a study I’m doing on the book of Job. He lost everything. He lost his home, servants, children, wealth, and health. The friends who stood by him sought to rebuke him for speaking words of sorrow that depicted how he truly felt. Their correction was hurtful and only added to Job’s woes. Yet, through it all, Job knew God and refused to curse Him. What a guy Job was! And if you’re familiar with the story, you know how he was rewarded for his faithfulness in the end.

As Christians, I think we are called to live lives of hope. The world has enough brokenness and heartache to get anyone down. It’s easy to blame God for the hurt and forget He promises to bring light to the darkness. I was messing around on Facebook and came across this message of hope from a friend: “In the wake of madness and tragedy, it helps to remember that the number of people who desire to do good in the world vastly outnumbers those who desire to do harm.” Our God is a good God. He is good even when we fail to see His goodness. He is good even when people are not good. We may live in a world full of thorns, but we can choose to see the daisies.