I can’t say how many times I have expressed how blessed I feel that all my ‘chickadees’ are close to home.  All the while I’ve known that life is unpredictable at best and I never know where it will take me…or one of my little chicks.  Of course, one at a time, they have all flown the coop but stayed close by – you might say we all still live on the same farm, just in different houses. I am often thankful for an all girl family.  We have always been so close – even though we don’t always agree about everything!   In the first years of their adulthood my girls and I would meet weekly for lunch or pedis or just to visit.  We came together for dinner as often as possible.  As life brought me grandchildren our schedules changed too.  By the time the third grandchild came, lunch with my girls was too hard and changed to just meeting at me and dad’s house for dinner or just to visit.  Then jobs and crazy schedules changed that too, but…we were still close enough for church together on Sunday and at least one meal together each week.  As my children grew and changed and their children grew older, we once again had to adjust.  These two need their own church.  These two prefer a church closer to their home…  Do I miss sitting all together on Sunday morning?  Oh yes!  But at the same time, I love watching my children grow in the Lord and find their own way.  My faith will only get them so far.  Isn’t this what we’ve waited for?  Hmmm… (Have I ever mentioned the fairy tale in my head about how a marriage and family was supposed to be?)

Well, here’s what’s got my heart tugging today.  One of my little chicks and her handsome sidekick are leaving the proverbial farm – all the way out of state.  And they’re taking the growing baby in her tummy with them.  I know…there are those reading this who have always dealt with this.  There are those whose children are overseas or estranged from family.  We have internet and Facetime now.  Calls are free for goodness sake.  We are blessed that we can easily travel.  But you know (wherever you are in life) it’s still hard. Saturday we had a birthday party; Sunday we all had lunch together.  I went to a movie with grandchild #2 and #5 yesterday, and then took them home to see my #4 and #6.  Today I watched grandchild #2 for a couple of hours while mom and dad made a hospital visit.  Tonight we’re going to #1’s ballgame.  Tomorrow the whole group is spending the night with MaMa and PaPa.  …Life just won’t be the same.

As I ask God to bless and have favor on all of my children, I know it may break my heart.  And yet I want the very best He has to offer them.  From the moment a child is conceived in the womb of your heart they are forever attached.  Nothing can change that.  Once again we will all adjust to a new phase of our lives.  Some are more difficult than others.  I’ll learn to use Facetime, I’ll fly by myself ever so often, I will adjust.  God will be there too.  He’s gotten me this far and He won’t leave me now.

So, for all of you who feel this with me – the ones who relate, parents hugging their small children tight, the one whose baby is in Heaven, the ones who haven’t spoken to a child in years – God bless you and hold you.  He always works all things for the good of those who love Him.

This is my soggy bloggy.  (Would you like one of my Kleenexes?)

 Be Blessed.

Diane Qubty
Diane Qubty