“No.No.No.No” I exclaimed to my husband.

Jacob replied, “but Rachel we should at least apply. It’s an incredible opportunity.”

“No! Because you’re amazing and you will get the job! I don’t ever want to move to China!”

Famous last words right? Well, we are moving to China, you might have heard the news.

But lets go back about 24 hours after that conversation last fall where I felt so defeated. Why would Jacob want to move us so far away?! But after a few moments, I felt the Holy Spirit say, “Rachel, have you even researched what you are saying “no” to?” It was a fair point, all I knew about China that my grandparents were missionaries there in the 90’s and had to survive on cabbage for an entire winter.

I spend the next 12 hours watching every video I could find about Americans living in China, and gradually my heart changed. I came to Jacob and apologized for hardening my heart and that we should apply.

We proceeded to fill out 16 hours’ worth of applications and were flown out to Atlanta for a psych evaluation. Then in April, we were offered the job. Jacob teaching APUSH, AP-Econ and model UN. My degree wasn’t in education so I couldn’t apply to teach, but when they heard of my Musical Theatre degree, I became the speech and drama teacher.

I am excited because we have always wanted to live in a big city, Jacob feels called to Christian education, and the program we are going with has been established for over 30 years. We will live in a housing complex with all the other teachers, yeah community!

There have been many hills and valley experiences with this process as well. But I find peace in that God called us to Lubbock, and while we weren’t that excited to come, we were obedient. Therefore many blessings were poured out in abundance.

So while I will not be able to blog from China, I want to thank the Prize31 team for giving this beautiful platform in which to speak. It has been a privilege and honor. My last requests to my readers are that you keep my husband and me in your prayers for the next two years.

Pray that we find community, that we learn the language quickly, and that the transition will be smooth.

Lastly, thank you to my amazing Mother, who has been kind enough to edit my blogs for the last few years!

It’s been amazing y’all. Keep living life to its fullest and reflect Christ daily.


Rachel Way