I’m loving this “Stuck” series by Jennie Allen…  Well, loving and hating, hahaha!  Being stuck is hard to comes to grips with.  I’ve done this series before, and in God’s perfect timing getting to do it again I’m finding I’m still STUCK!  Maybe not quite as stuck in some areas, but I’m finding that I’m stuck in some news ways.  I’m not going to lie, the homework is hard.  And actually it is excruciating, and I find I get stuck with excruciating things.  I can do hard, I can push through hard, but there is a point past hard that I become stagnant.

For instance, when it comes to my weight, I can honestly say I am stuck.  I was stuck in this same issue 2 years ago.  It actually has been a life long journey for me.  But dig deeper and you’ll see that my issue has a little less to do with my weight, and actually has a more to do with my not really ever feeling like I measure up.  And dig some more and it has everything to do with my fear of failure.  And that particular fear branches off to so many other stuck places.  It answers so many of the questions as to why I struggle to people please, and have a hard time being transparent, and trust issues.  The list goes on and on.  Anyone else?

What I love about coming to grips is the honesty that begins to surface as we peel back the layers of pretense and really examine our hearts.  These things are ugly and vulnerable, and in the midst of all this shameful truth I find that God still loves me.  God still loves me in spite of me and my mess. He has always loved me; He has always had a plan in all this raw sometimes touchy places.  The plan was for me to see that I need Him to save me from myself.  I need His plan to not only by a part of my plan, but for His plan to be THE PLAN for my life.

And God wants me to grow past my junk so that I can heal and really be set free.  Who doesn’t want that right? Who doesn’t want to find hope in the midst of struggle?  I want to truly find hope in the midst of excruciating!  And my hope is Jesus.

So maybe I won’t ever truly be UNSTUCK… but peeling back the layers that hold so many answers to my own personal truth only helps me cling tighter to The Source of my restoration.

Ian Rodriquez