Several years ago my dear friend, Susan, shared a fun Valentine secret with me!  I can’t even remember how long I’ve been celebrating the 14 days of Valentine’s with my hubby.  Today I’m sharing it with you.

Each day starting on February 1st and going until February 14th, I give my husband a gift that says ‘I love you.’

Don’t start thinking you can’t afford it.  I’m not talking about watches and cars.  I’m just talking about simple things that keep you thinking about him and him thinking about you all day long.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A love note (how long has it been?)
  • A candle light dinner
  • His favorite dessert
  • A funny card
  • A romantic card
  • A shoulder rub
  • Wash his car
  • Take him to a movie – of his choice
  • Get the kids to make him something special or do something for him
  • Clean and organize his closet or drawers (careful with that one!)
  • Leave a sticky note with a ‘lovey’ note in an unexpected place

You know what your hubby likes.  Everyone is different.  There’s nothing more fun that making an old love feel new again.  It really showed me how I could make my hubby feel good with little things.  Being kind doesn’t cost anything but the benefits are priceless! Guys, you can do this too. You won’t want to stop on the 14th!

Happy Valentine’s Day!