One of my most exciting events from this summer was something that did not even happen to me. After five years, 10 months and 29 days my sister got engaged to a wonderful young man that I can’t imagine our lives without.

Kaleb and Kelcee started dating their senior year in high school and from the moment the two became a couple it has just felt right to all of us. I truly can’t picture another person to love and cherish my sister the way our family does, but Kaleb is exactly what we prayed for Kelcee to find.

However, what I want to talk about today is their engagement. Kaleb truly outdid himself, but I think what strikes me most about their engagement story is that he had a tremendous amount of help that I wasn’t expecting.

Kaleb had worked to put together a very special video of their time together over the past five years, but he wanted all of their family to be a part of this momentous occasion. Upon arriving to Kaleb’s for the big proposal (which Kelcee had no idea about) we were greeted by several of Kaleb’s best friends. They had been a part of the planning process with Kaleb for weeks. One friend was there to set up the projector and screen in the backyard to make sure the video worked just as Kaleb had practiced. Another friend was there to string lights all throughout the backyard and even strung some to form a K for Kaleb and Kelcee. One more friend was there to take pictures and keep us posted on the location of Kaleb and Kelcee.

Kaleb took Kelcee on a typical date on Thursday, July 20. Kelcee had a busy week at work and they hadn’t seen each other much. Kaleb had planned all week to take her to her favorite restaurant then convinced her they had a few errands to run. This gave the sun time to set so when they arrived back at the house the video could play outside.

Once the two got back from Lubbock, Kelcee walked out to the backyard and saw all the people who love them the most to watch this moment unfold. Of course she said yes, lots of tears were shed by us all and photos taken, but I go back to those friends. Those three, twenty-something young men who wanted to be a part of this special day for their friend! Nothing was to be gained for them, they just wanted to share in their best friend’s happiness and make it everything it could be.

That night Kelcee gained a fiancé, more family to love her and three young-men who will be there to share in the ups and downs of a life that she and Kaleb will create. It was a beautiful evening to witness how much love surrounds one of the people I love most in this world.

I can’t wait to see what awaits you two!


Kristin Huber