I noticed the pallor of his face and the staunch way he walked through the campus. A girl was taking her picture with him but he wasn’t really drawing a crowd. I was at a Louisiana State football tailgate watching the band go by when I spotted the tall gaunt man with the dark suit and tie. He seemed out of place and his smile reminded me a bit of the Grinch. Well, my momma taught me not to judge and I was trying not to but somehow the movie “Dracula” was coming to mind!

Then the lady next to me stepped closer and said, “Ugh! I can’t stand him.” She saw my face and realized I had no idea who he was.

“That’s David Duke.” My mind began searching for that name and she could hear it. She shook her head in disgust and said, “He’s the former head of the KKK.”

My jaw dropped. “And he’s just walking around this very colorful LSU campus?” I couldn’t believe that he wasn’t being shouted at or attacked. And how stupid was that young girl who took her picture with him? When I asked my Louisiana friends about it, they said, “Everyone just ignores him.”

When I got home I told my girls about seeing this man. For me it was still shocking. I told them that he should be in prison because you know he has ‘blood on his hands.’

This happened last November. This past week’s news in Charlottesville brought it back to mind. Perhaps klansmen wear white to cover up the black in their hearts. Hate will destroy us all.

It was about a month after we’d returned that I was hanging out with my little AnnaBelle. She turned 4 in November. While we visited, she asked me if I knew any ‘bad guys.’ Her brother, Joshua, loves to get a new ‘bad guy’ any time he gets a new superhero. This gives the ‘good guys’ someone to beat up. So I’m wondering if she thinks I might have met Lex Luther or The Joker but I tell her, “No, I really don’t know any bad guys.” Then she gets my attention with, “but what about David?” “Who?” I asked. “You know, MaMa…he has blood on his hands.”

Oh my! This very intelligent little girl is also a listener! I am usually so careful of what I say when she is anywhere near. But, apparently, she was listening when I spoke to her mommy and aunties. As best I could, on a four year old level, I explained to her what it meant. Then I told her that, yes, I had seen a bad guy.

Can’t I just curl up with her and save her from the evil in this world? How could I look into eyes round like the moon, the color of coffee beans, and tell her that there are people who just choose to hate. As I pushed her beautiful dark hair back from those dimpled cheeks how could I tell her that she or someone she loves may deal with that hate one day. We all suffer the consequences of evil men.

But…I thank God for what I can tell her. God loves her. To Him we are all the same, His children, and that is very special indeed. We are supposed to love others the way He loves us. Jesus lived and died for EVERYONE. Perfect Love casts out fear. If God is for us, then who can be against us? Fight hate with Love- that’s what Jesus did.

Be blessed, be colorblind, be the one who spreads the love.