“The true joy of Christmas is that Christ is with us.”

I was standing on the #9 tee box on a beautiful November day, when I heard a loud clattering noise.  I looked up and saw the large leaves moving on a big tree in front of me.  It seemed a little random on a calm day in West Texas and my mind went immediately to one of my favorite stories.  The Lord told David that when he heard the rustling (marching noise, shuffling) on top of the poplar trees, he’d know that the Lord’s army was over him. (I Samuel 5:24) I felt a privileged peace come over me as this daughter knows her Father is watching over her.  His protection is like no other and His Presence is everything to me.

That’s what I want to celebrate in December (and every month!)  Christmas season is full of gift giving, family gathering, exhausted shopping, house decorating, event planning, meal planning, crazy scheduling, busy, hectic times!  It’s easy to get caught up in all the hustle bustle and feel like you’re really doing Christmas right.

But the true joy of Christmas is that Christ is with us.  The believer’s celebration is that God came down to live among us.  And He has never left us!  The amazing part of this holyday is that on that day 2000 years ago God’s Holy Presence came down to this undeserving world and made a way to dwell in each of us for eternity.  Light came into darkness.  Grace replaced strife.  Life was given for Life.

So as we all go about our busy December way this year, let us peal back the layers of Christmas trees, gifts, turkeys, ribbons and lights, and even the time with our dear ones, and find a minute to sit quietly in His Presence and hear the ‘rustling of the leaves.’

Christ is with us!  Be blessed!