There are days I find myself exhausted… I know I’m probably preaching to the choir on this one, because when I look around at other women, I can see in their faces they are running on fumes as well.

When I look in the bible I see all the ways God asks us to honor Him, and one of the most important ways is to honor the Sabbath. As I read Exodus 31:12-17 God finishes a 40 day encounter with Moses with a very specific command for the Israelites. “… Tell the Israelites, ‘Above all, keep my Sabbaths, the sign between me and you, generation after generation, to keep the knowledge alive that I am the God who makes you holy.’” Exodus 31:13 (MSG)

Here in these verses God gives them rest. God tells them that others will know that they are His people by the way they keep this specific commandment. And I’m more than stunned as I look at my life and see if the way I rest in a true reflection of what God has intended for me and his church. The Sabbath is more than sleeping in, vegging out, or turning off. The Sabbath is an act of surrender. It is a way I put down my humanity and trust God. It is the act of putting down the things in my life that steal my time. And God is reminding me that I need to do this, and I need to do it weekly so that I am in a routine of surrender.

All week we have life racing past us… the endless to do lists, the kid’s activities, dinner, laundry, dishes, phone calls, emails, Facebook, Instagram, and somewhere in these busy minutes we cram devotional time, prayer, worship music, and podcasts. And see God knows this is the way it would be, this isn’t a shock to Him, so He made it a generational command that we would lay down our vices and devices in order to REST IN HIM!!!

I am grateful that God knows what I need, and that He actually commands it. Rest isn’t an option because our own bodies will force us to stop if it needs to. And when we serve God and others out of a place where we have truly honored the Sabbath, we will find what the bible calls PURE REST. And it is more than a commandment it is a covenant.

Covenant is one of my favorite words. It means that the God of the universe is making a PROMISE and COMMITMENT to us, his children. He is granting us grace, peace, and refreshment out of His unlimited supply. Honor the Sabbath and see how that trust will renew your spirit with each passing day.

I’ll leave you with the words of Jesus in Mark 2:27 “Then he said to them, ‘The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.’”