I love how God chooses to reveal Himself to me through His Word and through other people. Some of the people who teach me the biggest lessons or get me to think the biggest thoughts are not the people I’d typically count as close friends. I have a friend at work who engages me in the deepest conversations sometimes. He’s the custodian at my school.

I’ve always thought older people can offer great insight into the inner workings of our world. My friend definitely does often. Being twice my age, he’s seen and experienced life in ways I haven’t yet. He talks to me about his grandkids and his belief in doing the best he can when it comes to work. He reads books – a lot of books – so we talk about the latest additions to my library and whether or not I protected the books properly before putting them out for grabs. But we talk about many other things, too. We talk about politics and teenagers and the news. We talk a lot about Jesus and what true faith is. And we relate our belief in God to the other aspects of our lives. Today we were discussing why some religions don’t seem to get along even though they worship the same God. I reminded him that Jesus prayed for His people to be one when he was in the Garden of Gethsemane awaiting betrayal. We spent a few minutes talking about some of the differences between various Christian religions.

I was also reminded of a conversation I’d participated in about the oneness of God’s people. The person talking said he thinks God’s people are one, that Jesus’s prayer for His people is coming into fruition. I remember him saying oneness doesn’t mean everyone agrees on everything. It means we agree on the one thing that’s more important than anything else – the Holy Trinity that is our God. It’s easy to look at the corruption in our world and even within members of our same faith. It’s a lie from Satan that we can’t get along because we’re so different. The Christian artist Mandisa released a song about this very thing not long ago titled Bleed the Same.

Working in the library brings new meaning to the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover, but it still holds true for people as well. If I’d listened to Satan’s lie, I wouldn’t have made such good friends with our school custodian. And I’d miss out on some great eye-opening conversations about our Lord. Today I encourage you to stop and say hi to someone you might not normally speak to. Smile or lend a hand to a stranger. Speak life to a child. Talk to someone who’s different than you. You never know how God will speak to you through someone else until you let Him do it. And remember, we all bleed the same, and we are all made in the image of our God. Let’s be one.