Well, today I decided it’s time to get with it. The jeans are tight, the scales are mean. Here comes another diet. How I wish I would wake up one day and look like those cute skinny girls, but all my wishing doesn’t do much for me. I decided I’d start my new program by taking my measurements. The good news is I still have an hour glass figure. The bad news is…I’ve got enough ‘sand’ for a year and a half! Maybe I should just find a great new girdle. To avoid all those ‘bulgy’ places it should start at the knees and go all the way up like a turtle neck. I’ll call it a Tirdle! Or maybe I would copy the Spanx people and call it a Spirdle??

Why are us girls so hard on ourselves? Any imperfection we find just messes with our identity. It lowers our self esteem and makes us forget who we are – daughters of the King. I can just see me and my dreadful 30 pounds going for water one afternoon at the well of forgotten losers. Jesus comes to offer me Living Water. He recounts to me all the jelly donuts I’ve eaten and says He knows about the five chocolates I’ve eaten and that there’s one in my mouth now! But mostly He tells me how much He loves me and how valuable I am to Him. I drop my candy wrappers and run home to tell all of my friends. Does this story sound silly? Maybe a little familiar? The sarcasm is noted. We make too much of too little. Why do we go crazy over a little zit on our nose when there’s a beautiful face behind it? Why let the bad outweigh the good? Satan must love that.

About a month ago I was hanging out with my little 3 year old AnnaBelle. I was primping at my bathroom mirror when I looked over and saw her jumping on my digital scales-all 24 lbs of her. She stood there watching the numbers and symbols clicking off and on for a while, very intently waiting for their answer. I wondered what number she was going to tell me. Then she looked up, quite pleased, and with a smile said, “Oh! I’m Anna!” I laughed and thought what a great answer that was. No scale was going to tell her who she was – she already knew.

I’m just enough of an artist to frustrate myself. But God is an amazing artist. His hands create beauty and perfection. His hands created you and me. He made the sun, moon and stars, the mountains of Alaska, the Grand Canyon, the Swiss Alps, birds of all colors, giant elephants and amazing waterfalls and each time He said it was good, but when He made mankind He said “Very good.” Look at yourself and say, “Very good!”

While I was busy ‘thinking’ this blog together I was standing in my closet one afternoon and decided to straighten up my lingerie drawer. I carefully folded everything and put them back in place. When I got to my Spanx and my girdle I folded them and placed them neatly beside the M&M stash. Hmmm. Maybe I do need to make a few adjustments, but in the meantime; I think I’ll love this girl that God made.

Be blessed. You are, after all, a masterpiece.



Diane Qubty
Diane Qubty