A few months ago I got mad.  Seriously mad.  We were at a friend’s house when dinner time rolled around.  They ordered pizza for the group and then some of the girls disappeared to the kitchen.  They came out with a different meal.  “What’s that?” I asked–feeling a tiny bit left out.  They then proceeded to start gushing about this thing called “Trim, Healthy Mama” that they had been doing for TWO years and never said a word about it.

A little background–for fun, I read diet books.  It has always boggled my mind that things that can be so diametrically different (high-carb vs love carb) can have profound effects on various people–aka, some will loose weight and others will gain weight.  I look for common things.  Here’s a bit of truth.  In every single book, you see two common things–polyphenols and essential fatty acids.  I could really geek out here, but I have a greater purpose (and limited word space) so you will have to research those on your own.  Anyway, I felt like my friends were really holding out on me by NOT mentioning something so profound as Trim, Healthy Mama.

I mean, when you read, “We love that passage in Romans 2:4 that tells us it is God’s kindness that leads us to repentance.  Let’s learn to be more like our heavenly Father and not sabotage our journeys with self-scolding and punishment because we simply can’t forgive our own mess-ups,” (THM Plan pg 126) how can you not feel like you just received a hug?

So why, for TWO years did my friends stay silent about THM?  It could have been they were a bit embarrassed by it–good girl moonshine and tummy tucking ice cream sound pretty silly.  More importantly, they feared offending people.

The fear of offending has taken deep root in our society–except on Facebook.  There, get ready…and know you have the powerful “block” button.  However, in coffee shops, living rooms and even churches across America, we stay silent on issues because we don’t want to suggest that someone may be wrong.

Here is the problem.  At the heart of Christianity is a concept called “repentance” which essentially means “to change.”  At its very base, it means sharing with someone that they may have been wrong…or a better way to look at it is you are sharing with someone that there is MORE.  However, our friend Mr. Webster shows us just how scared we are of offending people by using the word “repentance.”

Our daughter is about to go with a team to Estonia–which, according to a BBC report–is the least religious country in the world.  It’s not that they reject Christianity, or any other form of religion, it is simply that it doesn’t play a role in their lives.   There is a message of Hope that they NEED to hear.  So, how can each of us get prepared to reverse the trend seen above?  WE need to start sharing.

Share.  Share.  Share.

Share when you find a new brand of dish soap you love.  Share when you are watching late night TV and see the Hover Cover or the Better Sponge.  It may sound silly, but the more you share about the small things you love, the easier it is to share about the life altering things.  Think of it as exercising a muscle.

No, your message doesn’t become diluted because you share too many things.  No, you aren’t a hypocrite if you share about one face cleanser and then discover another one a few years later.  Products change.  Things evolve.

What doesn’t change, however, is our command in Matthew 28:19 to, “go and make disciples of all nations.”  God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called–that is you!  In 1 Cor 2:1-5 the Apostle Paul shares that it is not out of our own strength that we speak.  However, we do have to build up the courage to open our mouths. So, let’s start practicing today.  Let’s share something.  Anything.  Give a testimony to something small and then let’s build together.

You’ve got this!  What are you going to share today?

Deanna is a wife, mother and life group leader who daily lives in the Grace of God's Goodness. She also loves alliteration and a good, long run.



Deanna is a wife, mother and life group leader who daily lives in the Grace of God’s Goodness. She also loves alliteration and a good, long run.






P.S.  Interested in hearing more about life altering (seriously, I cried countless times while reading the book) Trim Healthy Mama?  Here is their website and here is a link to a great summary.  If you see me, I probably have an extra copy of the book in my purse.  I have been handing them out like candy at Halloween.  Perhaps I should do the same with the Gospel…