I’ve been praying lately for my eyes to be opened to the needs around me, my ears to be tuned to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and my heart to follow in obedience wherever I’m being called. I have days when I feel I’m successful in these areas. And, I have days when I fight the prompting of the Holy Spirit because I’m just tired. What I know is that on the days when I’m aligned with the Holy Spirit, my attitude is better, I’m more focused, and my temper is not so short.

I grew up with little understanding of the Holy Spirit. We just didn’t talk about Him much. I didn’t understand the role He played until four years ago when we started attending Trinity Church. As my mind was opened to everything God offers us as His followers, a comprehension I’d been lacking was dawning. My eyes were being opened to the truth that our whole world belongs to God, and I have a role in His story. I started trying to decode that role by inquiring of the Lord, asking bold questions like, “What do you want me to do for you?” and “How can I serve others today?” and “What does it look like for me to shine like the stars and be a witness for you?” To my amazement, the Holy Spirit spoke answers to me.

It was asking those questions that enabled me to hear the Holy Spirit speak God’s calling for our family. I got some clear and scary answers! I knew exactly where I was being led. It was so clearly and beautifully spoken. I started praying a second prayer. If God was leading me in this direction, my husband needed to hear His voice, too. I prayed, “God, if this is your will truly, please speak it to Carl, too, because I know I can’t proceed with these plans unless he’s on board. I know that wouldn’t be your will.” I waited. And waited. And waited some more for this second prayer to be answered. I started talking to Carl about this crazy plan God put on my heart. After about a year, he didn’t see it as so crazy, and I asked him what God was telling him regarding this plan. When he responded with the words, “He’s telling me to listen to you because He gave this to you,” I knew it was God’s will for us to follow through. It was the freeing confirmation I’d been seeking, the permission to move forward.

In time, the pieces will all come together. I’m not worried at all. I know the Holy Spirit wouldn’t speak these big, bold dreams into my mind, if God wasn’t going to show up. So we wait upon the Lord, knowing He is with us and for us, knowing we’re about to start an adventure that we never expected we’d start. But also knowing we are in line with His perfect and pleasing will.

Sarah Kline