Did you know today is National French Fry Day?  I didn’t either, but as I pondered what to talk about it crossed my mind to engage in a light-hearted conversation about this peculiar holiday where the French and Belgian disagree about the origin of the french fry.  It piqued my curiosity…but something stronger stirred the appetite of my spirit.


It’s been a month since Lysa Terkeurst shared the heartbreaking news about her marriage. You can read her full blog post here:  http://lysaterkeurst.com/2017/06/rejection-heartache-and-a-faithful-god   I could relate on so many levels, especially making the hardest decision of your life.  It strips you right down to the bare bones.  The only identity capable of withstanding such pain, is knowing you are a beloved child of God.  As humans we want to make sense of things, fix them and make them pretty.  While God’s ways remain phenomena to me, He has truly made a point that our knowledge of good and evil only result in death.  He is the only source we can depend on for life.  What if divorce is neither good nor evil?  Finding ourselves in God seems to overarch life events.  I truly wish disappoints and tragedy were never part of the journey, but there is so much life in simply knowing God. As I grapple with this reality hitting so many women, my heart bleeds.  Lysa you are incredibly courageous. Your yes to God is certain to breathe life into millions of women gasping for air.  I wept reading your story.  Jesus is on display in your life.  I want to hug you. But, what seems most fitting is to pray this for you:  “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13


My friends, if these circumstances are painfully relatable to you, I’d like to extend a private and personal invitation. The disclosure of betrayal is like setting off an atomic bomb with mass devastation, leaving you paralyzed with the question, “Where do I go?”   There is a place for you.  We have a life group of go-to-girls with individual journeys who meet every Wednesday.  This is a very safe, fun and empowering place to go-to!  We all find our greatest strength in hearing what God has to say and doing what pleases Him.  If you’d like to join us, please message me at:  ddietz@trinitytoday.com  We would love to walk with you through these tender moments.  Never, should a soul travel this road alone.


Going back to National French Fry Day…maybe there really is a connection!  Turning a potato into a fry was a creative transformation of something ordinary into extra-ordinary.  I’ll never understand how, but that’s what God does with the messiness of life.  He takes it and works it out for good.  So, if you feel compelled to participate in this national day, order up a big ole plate of french fries and consider just how good God has worked things out for you!  He’s really that creative.


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Denise Dietz